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How to improve customer return rate through automatic labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-09
The role of automatic labeling machine in the formation and sale of goods cannot be ignored. This has been recognized by most companies. The gradual increase in the number of labeling machine manufacturers in recent years is a strong proof. Companies that do good product labeling go a step further, not only focusing on product labeling, but also focusing on the unpacking experience, because an unpacking process is an opportunity to communicate with consumers and create a smooth and unforgettable moment. Improve the brand's return rate. When designing a good brand packaging and unpacking experience, there are many items to choose from, not all of them are necessary, as long as consumers feel the quality of the brand label and will not forget the brand quickly, the following are listed below to improve Common options for customer experience. 1. Packaging label design This is still to be mentioned, because the packaging has now surpassed the simple transportation and protection functions of the past. It is necessary to create the first impression of the product that consumers want to get, and to create a 'wow' surprise opportunity. 2. Product label wrapping paper. Using an automatic labeling machine to add a layer of wrapping paper to the product will add extra excitement. It will increase a level of expectation when consumers open the box. Designed label wrapping paper or colored paper is very Good choice. 3. Stickers Label labeling machine stickers are a useful option because they are simple and quite cheap. If product wrapping paper is used, label stickers can also seal the wrapping paper together. In the case of a low budget, if the outer box has no design, you can use stickers to strengthen the brand. You can also put some stickers in the box to express your gratitude to customers. 4. Promotional leaflets or business cards Promotional business cards with the help of a printing labeling machine provide the best cost-effective way to add some propaganda atmosphere to the packaging. However, this kind of business card should not be the same as the company's business card. You can also add special instructions and tips to help customers get more possible value from your product. 5. Packing List The receipt or packing list included in the package is standard configuration, but many companies do not use it as a brand or marketing opportunity. For example, in high-end restaurants, receipts are delivered at the right time, usually presented to diners in an elegant manner or in a closed folder. It makes sense to put the receipt and packing list in the packaging bag, because the customer does not necessarily have to see the receipt and packing list first when opening the bag. The content and design can be customized, and the coupon code can be attached to the packing list to encourage repeated purchases. 6. Customer notices Although handwritten customer notices may be difficult to typeset, new brands should strive to win every customer. Contact shoppers through personal, real notes or cards, you can use a fully automatic labeling machine to make distinctive labeling information show your care for customers, and to provide motivation for your brand. 7. Packaging label tape Use transparent packaging tape, not necessarily! Now, you may use a variety of colored tape, you can also customize the labeling machine to print brand LOGO tape. 8. Samples or gifts According to the customer's current purchase or purchase history, you can consider including a free sample of another product in the package, and choose what your shoppers may be interested in. For example, if they buy shampoo, put in a sample of conditioner. This strategy can help you introduce new products to customers and cross-sell them.
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