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How to ensure that food labels are durable and not deformed-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-14
The standard of living has improved. Now when people buy goods, especially food, medicine, etc., they will definitely check the label-related information. If there is no label or the label is off, the product will not be purchased. With the application of the self-adhesive labeling machine, the food label is firm, durable, not easy to fall off, and the labeling quality is guaranteed. Recently, some citizens reported that a box of food was bought in the store, and there was no production date on the outer packaging box. In addition, according to reports, there are no labels or logos on the outer packaging boxes of some foods in the store. At present, the store has been issued a notice of responsibility rectification on the spot, requiring the operator to suspend business for rectification and so on. This incident has also brought vigilance to other food processing companies. They must strictly follow the relevant regulations, affix product labels and logos, and indicate the production date, shelf life, address, and contact information on them to avoid unnecessary penalties. As we all know, commodity labels are mainly labels affixed to products, including text, graphics, patterns, symbols and all descriptions. Generally speaking, product labels are attached to the outside of the product or to the outside of the packaging container to describe important food-related information, such as production date, weight, nutritional content, ingredients, expiration date, origin, barcode, method of use, and The relevant license number and so on. In addition, the 'Food Safety Law' and 'General Standards for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods' also make relevant regulations on product labeling. Among them, the 'General Standards for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods' also set clear requirements for the content of product labels. For example, product labels should not be deformed or peeled off. All content should be clear, eye-catching, and durable. The font size or color difference should not be used to mislead consumers. Directly or indirectly suggestive language, graphics, symbols, etc. To this end, food processing companies must apply labels strictly in accordance with regulations, but also ensure that the product labels do not fall off or deform, and that the label content should be clear, eye-catching, and durable. There are feedbacks from users that although food labels are affixed in strict accordance with regulations, the labels are often deformed and fall off. This is not conducive to consumers' access to important food-related information, and will also have a certain impact on corporate reputation and brand image. . So, what should food processing companies do to ensure that the product labels do not fall off or become deformed? The industry analysts believe that we can start from two aspects, namely, to replace the labeling equipment, such as a self-adhesive labeling machine; to check the cause of the equipment to lift the label and fall off and solve it in time. The labeling machine is an indispensable part of the modern food packaging industry. However, the traditional labeling equipment has certain problems, such as the high rate of correct labeling and label damage, and the label is easy to deform and fall off. With the rapid progress of labeling technology, self-adhesive labeling machines have become more and more widely used due to their advantages of firmness, beauty, no bubbles, strong stickiness, and will not fall off by themselves. 'Since the use of self-adhesive labeling machine, it has not only improved the labeling rate, the rate of correct labeling, but also reduced the rate of label damage, while ensuring the quality of the labeling and the label does not fall off.' Some manufacturers say. Of course, what needs to be considered is that the self-adhesive labeling machine will occasionally appear 'above the label' situation, and it is necessary to find the cause and solve it in time to prevent the food label from falling off. According to a technician, 'Alice label' is not a problem with the quality of the self-adhesive labeling machine. The cause may be insufficient label viscosity, poor label material ductility, and electrostatic effects. In this regard, users try to increase the viscosity of the label, control the labeling temperature and strength, and use soft and malleable label materials to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop and reduce the generation of static electricity. With the improvement of consumption levels, people's awareness of food quality and safety has increased, and labels, as carriers of food quality and safety and other related information, have attracted more and more attention from consumers. Therefore, food processing companies strictly follow relevant regulations to label products and ensure that the product labels are durable and do not fall off.
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