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How to determine the quality of the automatic labeling machine is good or bad? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-14
With the increasing popularity of modern commodity packaging, there is an increasing demand for various labeling machinery and equipment. As a commodity labeling equipment, the automatic labeling machine plays a key role in commodity packaging. However, the quality of automatic labeling machines on the market is not uniform, and many buyers don’t know much about it, so they don’t know how to choose a high-performance automatic labeling machine, so today Bogao Logo will teach you how to judge automatic labeling. Tips for machine performance. In the development of automatic labeling machines, the quality of labeling machines in the entire labeling industry varies from good to bad. Then, how should manufacturers with higher demand for labeling machines decide whether the quality of labeling machines is good or bad? 1. Appearance. The appearance of the equipment can reflect the designer's concept of the machine. Of course, the appearance here does not refer to the general appearance. The appearance refers to the rationality of the device design, such as the difficulty of changing the label, whether to adjust the position without using tools, and whether the human-machine interface is easy to understand. Good operation etc. Whether a machine is specifically designed to complete the labeling task, or taking into account the human side, just look at the appearance. 2. sound. The characteristics of the automatic labeling machine determine that the bidding motor needs to start and stop continuously. If you hear the sound of a company's bidding motor starting and stopping which is more urgent, then the machine is not strict enough or there is a problem with the selection of the motor. 3. The bidding is stable. The recommended method is to adjust the device to the maximum speed setting, count the brakes on the label position, and then trigger the label eyes in rapid succession. Remember to stop the trigger to see if the label is running linearly, and observe the brake eyes at the label position ( A good sticker should have the same position), count the number of marks, a good sticker will never emit more than the number of times you trigger. Of course, if you trigger the label again before the label is complete, you may lose the label. The above is how Bogao Sign Technology decides whether the quality of the automatic labeling machine is good or bad. If you have other questions, you can consult our online customer service or leave your contact information.
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