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How to debug the fruit and vegetable labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-12
With the increase in demand for fruit and vegetable products and the continuous reform of the mechanized management trend, vegetable labeling is now also equipped with professional equipment-vegetable labeling machine. However, such equipment must be operated in accordance with the process, which has a very important impact on whether employees understand the automatic vegetable labeling machine. Therefore, the commissioning personnel of Bogao Logo will debug the vegetable labeling machine on site. So what methods do you need to master during the operation and debugging of the vegetable labeling machine? Let me introduce it to everyone below. The main problems encountered in the process of debugging: 1. The label is easy to be broken when the label is released. The important reason is that the traction frequency is too high, which causes the tag to be torn off, which is generally caused by the traction frequency. 2. When measuring the accuracy, the label at the back is different from the position at the front. When measuring the accuracy, usually about 3 times as a group, if there are too many, the label will be too high to the wave label board. At the same time, if the traction frequency and the conveying frequency are not well matched, the label will be pulled and the label will deviate from the labeling place. You can carefully observe the labeling situation in manual mode to confirm whether the label is not correct because the wave label is not adjusted properly. 3. The label wrinkles when labeling. During the debugging process, wrinkles are often encountered. The general situation is that the traction frequency is too large and the transmission frequency is not large enough. Secondly, it may also be that the wave mark board is not pressed well. You can try to adjust the parameters repeatedly. Confirm whether the towing frequency is too high, which causes the label to wrinkle.
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