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How to debug the automatic flat labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-15
During my senior year internship period, I entered the big family of Bogao Logo. In a blink of an eye, more than 2 months have passed. Under the one-by-one model of the workshop master, I learned a lot of practical things, from assembly to commissioning. Have a certain degree of understanding of parts processing and maintenance. A qualified machine requires very precise assembly and debugging, which involves many essentials. Below, I am debugging a fully automatic flat labeling machine as an example. When I first saw this machine, I felt that the components and circuits were very complicated. So, apart from many errors when I first started debugging, I later learned about the machine through my own exploration and the explanation of the adjustment master. Many problems can be easily solved on the principle and composition of The process of equipment operation: first place the product to be labeled (or automatically supply the product when connected to the assembly line) through manual methods, card splitters, etc., and then send it out by the conveyor line, and then correct the product through a correction mechanism such as a guide bar. The guided product is driven by the conveyor and passes through the measuring sensor (sensor). After receiving the signal, the measured electric eye transmits the information to the program memory, and the memory will output the signal to control the labeling of the header, which realizes the labeling function. After being pasted to the label, the product will pass the labeling mechanism to complete the labeling. At this time, the entire labeling process is over, and the labelled products can be collected. The main problems encountered in the process of debugging: 1. The label is easy to break when the label is released. If the label is easy to break, first check whether the label is wrapped correctly, and then check whether the wave label is pressed too tightly. It is also very important The reason is that the pulling frequency is too high, causing the label to be torn off. Later, after an explanation from the tuning master, I found that the traction frequency was too high. 2. When measuring accuracy, the position of the back label is not the same as the previous one.    First of all, note that when measuring the accuracy, it is usually a group of about 3 times. Secondly, if the wave label is too far away from the sample labeling position or is not parallel to the sample, it will cause the label to stick. At the same time, if the traction frequency and the conveying frequency are not well matched, the label will be pulled and the label will deviate from the labeling place. Finally, after carefully observing the labeling situation in manual mode, I found that the wave label was not adjusted properly, which caused the label to be incorrect. 3. Wrinkles on the label during labeling. Wrinkles are frequently encountered during the debugging process. The most common problem is that the traction frequency is too high and the conveying frequency is not large enough. Secondly, it may also be caused by the wave label board. Not good, some labels also wrinkle. Later, after repeatedly adjusting the parameters, it was found that the traction frequency was too high, which caused the label to wrinkle. 4. When testing the stability, sometimes multiple labels will be continuously output, or the label will not be output. At this time, generally look at the label positioning of the measuring sensor. It is possible that the label has gone out of the sensor detection position, or the label has not been repositioned. Check whether the sensor is sensitive, and then see whether the value is reasonable. If the value is too far away from the target value, it is easy to detect other than the sample and then send the target signal. Later, after repeated tests, I found that the target electric eye was not sensitive, and the label was repositioned. At the same time, I listened to the advice of the master of the tuning machine to set the side object filtering time. In addition to the above problems, there may be many other different problems, which makes us need to delve into technology and apply the theories that we usually learn in school to practice, in the logo of Bogao Give full play to our greatest value and let us and Bogao become a prosperous whole.
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