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How to deal with the wrinkles in the round bottle labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-19
What is the problem of wrinkles in the round bottle labeling machine and how to deal with it? The round bottle labeling machine is a machine that attaches the label ring to the round bottle product. The label can fit the bottle tightly without blistering or wrinkle. The label has a neat border at the beginning and the end, which is the most ideal labeling state. When the labeling is not properly debugged, these states may appear. What is the reason for this state and how to deal with it? Bogao logo round bottle labeling machine has a multi-directional adjustment mechanism. First of all, we must adjust the labeling and overlaying axis to the most positive state, which closely fits the bottle product being pasted. The over-label axis is horizontally parallel to the product, and there must be no gaps between the top and the bottom. After adjusting the parallel surface between the standard axis and the product, the main stripping plate must be parallel to the conveying surface, and there should be no angle skew. It is to ensure that the bid is parallel to the product. After these hardware aspects are adjusted, the label will fit well without bubbles and wrinkles. Of course, after adjusting these, the adjustment of the parameters also needs to be coordinated. The label output speed and the over-label speed as well as the conveying speed must be completely matched. Only in this way can the operation be synchronized and the best labeling state can be achieved. Regardless of labeling and debugging, the status of the product itself is also very important. There is a difference between PET bottles and glass bottles. In many cases, PET bottles are more standard than glass. We have encountered some glass bottles with some bumps or particles on the surface of the bottle, and some plastic bottles have a slight bend and dent. In this case, the labeling caused by the product itself is not ideal.
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