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How to deal with the deviation, wrinkle, and crooked labels of the labeling machine?-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-14
The three problems often seen in labeling machine deviation, wrinkle label, and crooked label affect our work efficiency. In the end, it is the problem of the labeling machine manufacturer’s production, or our daily operation has affected the normal production of the labeling machine. If there is deviation, how to deal with wrinkled and crooked labels? Let's see the summary for everyone! 1. The reasons for the deviation of labeling of the labeling machine and the treatment methods: 1. The peeling plate and the fixed seat are not parallel when installed (ie : The peeling plate is not perpendicular to the head plate); 2. There is a phenomenon of pulling the label during the labeling process, and the labeling is not smooth; 3. The labeling plate is used for a long time, and the labeling opening is worn, and one side is high and the other is low, resulting in uneven pulling force , Make its label misaligned. 2. The causes of label wrinkles and treatment methods: 1. The speed of labeling is too fast and the speed of conveying products has not kept up. For example, the ratio of product conveying speed and labeling speed is 1:1. When the labeling speed reaches 2 If the conveying speed is constant, the label will be formed after the label is output and the label is squeezed in the front section, which will cause the label to be applied to the product to be wrinkled; 2. The label out of the label head means that the electric eye on the conveyor detects that the product has entered and sends out the label command. For example, the label out product just arrives at the labeling position 2 seconds after the product is detected. When the label is 1.5 seconds, the product will not arrive If the label is issued too early, the adjustment method: extend the 'measurement time' in the parameter setting to 2 seconds, or move the electric eye of the measured object to the mark out position to shorten the time of 0.5 seconds; 3. Brush the mark by brushing the mark The force is too large; the surface of the bottle body is not flat, the wheel attachment mechanism clamps the bottle too tightly; the frequency of labeling is too slow, and the product obviously pulls the label. 3. The reason for the labeling of the labeling machine is distorted. The label is not vertical, and the strip of the label is not perpendicular to the product, which will directly cause the label to be high on one side and low on the other. Good label; 3. The label roll is attached to move up and down, and the label moves when it passes through the wheel; 4. The frequency of labeling does not match the speed of the host, and the label is pulled or dragged; 5. The label is peeled off by the peeling plate There is still a considerable distance from the contact surface of the labeling article, which will cause the label to be easily skewed when contacting the product. Adjust the upper and lower header screws to place the product on the peeling plate. Adjust the header screw to shorten the direct contact between the peeling plate and the product. The distance is enough; 6. The distance between the peeling plate and the surface of the sticker is too small, and the sticker will touch the peeling plate during the process of conveying and labeling, and it will be displaced. These are the deviation and wrinkles of the labeling machine. We have dealt with the standard and crooked standard. I hope these contents can help everyone.
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