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How to deal with problems such as bubbles, unevenness and wrinkles in the paste labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
In the use of the paste labeling machine, how to deal with the occurrence of bubbles and uneven labeling. 1. When using a transparent label, due to the characteristics of the label, bubbles will be generated. What we need to do is to eliminate large bubbles as much as possible; 1. Due to the nature of the label, when using a transparent label in the labeling machine Make sure that the surface of the bottle is clean, because some small particles can cause some larger bubbles to appear.     2. Corresponding to relatively small bottles, it is necessary to determine whether the label and bottle type match. Small bottles may appear uneven on the labeling surface when they come out of the bottle blowing machine, which may also cause large bubbles.     2. Conventional bottle type      The conventional bottle type here refers to the straight red wine bottle type and the similar non-tapered bottle type.     For conventional bottle types, if there are bubbles and labeling wrinkles, the general situation is that the labeling wrinkles are caused by the mismatch between the labeling speed and the labeling speed. Here you need to match the automatic frequency of the traction and the automatic frequency of the over-label in the parameter interface of the touch screen to solve the above problems.      3. Taper bottle types are more prone to wrinkles. Divided into the following cases, the processing method is in accordance with the following steps. 1. When receiving samples and labels, you need to confirm whether the arcs of the label and the sample match. You can simulate labeling by hand. If it is a mismatched label, the label will be tilted or the two sections of the label will be aligned. There are wrinkles in the middle part. The above situation requires the customer to modify the label. 2. Debug the over-labeling mechanism to adapt it to the bottle shape. If the taper is too large, a top-pressing mechanism needs to be added to prevent the over-labeling mechanism from exerting upward force on the bottle when it has a taper, which is caused by the sample leaving the transportation. The labeling error increases.     3. When it is determined that there is no problem with the label, the adjustment mechanism of the labeling machine needs to be adjusted to match the direction of the label with the taper of the sample. The larger the taper, the larger the adjustment space is needed. After the basic angle is determined, the trial paste can be carried out. The direction of the label can be adjusted according to the actual situation. At the same time, the traction and the over-label frequency need to be matched. The above is the standard machine adjustment seat of the Huizhi labeling machine, which can be adjusted in multiple directions and can handle most of the taper bottle angles.
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