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How to create a 10 billion labeling machine market-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-14
After the company held the 2019 corporate business strategy seminar to discuss and decide, in order to better create a labeling machine technology sharing environment and provide end users with a better product experience, it especially provides the following value-added services to partners: 1. For customers/cooperation In addition, you can obtain detailed technical information of each product purchased from the company to make equipment maintenance more secure. 2. Innovative designers of external labeling machines, as long as they are self-innovated high-quality labeling products, assist in the batch transfer of a full set of technologies in the 'Labeling Machine Alliance3. Support the 'Labeling Machine Alliance' established by Youqu, and promise to provide the following services to enterprises or individuals joining the alliance. 1. Provide an opportunity to OEM at the OEM price. 2. Provide a full set of high-quality marketing materials owned by the company for free. 3. Provide a list of high-quality suppliers of all the parts required for the production of the labeling machine (with prices and accounting periods) free of charge. 4. Provide a full set of marketing/sales theory training and professional practice drills for free. 5. Provide on-site training for assembly/debugging/electrical programming in the company’s factory for free. 6. Provide one-year online technical guidance service for free. 7. Provide a full set of template files for company operation and management for free. A labeling machine market of more than 10 billion per year is not dependent on the current more than 1,000 traditional companies that are fighting each other. It is like the travel market is not a traditional taxi company. The same goes for good service. Looking forward to finding manufacturers with the same concept among the original more than 1,000 labeling machine manufacturers for in-depth cooperation, and at the same time fully supporting 100-200 new-born manufacturers, technology sharing, supply chain sharing, market and sales experience sharing, a brand new one that meets this new era The labeling machine market is waiting for us to rebuild together! Looking at the future, I believe that cooperation is the way out. Every disruptive innovation is often accompanied by rumors and negative voices. Every game between tradition and innovators will break the original market structure. Instead of letting the stereotypes sit back and enjoy their success, It is better to be a pioneer and innovator to lead the trend. Have you chosen?
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