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How to choose the most suitable self-adhesive label for labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-10
In the stage of product labeling, we will choose the labeling machine according to the attributes of the product, such as carton or film, plastic bottle or glass bottle, if it is a plastic bottle, then we will choose a more suitable plastic bottle labeling machine. In addition to choosing a labeling machine with good performance, the choice of self-adhesive labels is also very important. Appropriate self-adhesive labels can make the product show different effects as a whole, so what should we pay attention to when choosing self-adhesive labels? For example, it is necessary to determine whether the adhesive of the self-adhesive label is permanent or removable, whether it is one-time sticking or re-sticking, and whether the product has special requirements for the chemical characteristics of the label's adhesive, etc. Wait. The following labeling machine manufacturers will share some questions about label selection. What kind of self-adhesive label is the most suitable? 1. According to the type, grade, quality, some characteristics of the surface, the application of the natural environment and the regulations of the customer to be labeled. If you want to use a label made of polypropylene self-adhesive labels with good definition to be attached to the transparent bottle body, it can create a fashion trend without labels, which can improve the product level and stimulate customers' impulse to buy. However, the flexibility, gatherability, opacity, production and processing characteristics and labeling characteristics of the polyethylene plastic film are very good, and the color is bright, which has the effect of publicizing, planning and marketing products. 2. The surface layer of the plastic film label must be smooth, high-density, uniform relative density, consistent color, and good light transmittance, so as to ensure that the plastic film absorbs ink evenly and the color cast of the same batch of prints is small. 3. The thickness must be symmetrical, and the compressive strength index value must reach the standard. The pressure of packaging printing released during the whole process of packaging printing is related to the thickness of the sticker. If the thickness is uneven, the pressure of packaging printing will also be uneven, which will cause the handwriting or light ink of the label printing to be dark or light. If the compressive strength of the plastic film is very poor, the supporting force of the plastic film cannot be manipulated during the whole process of packaging and printing, which will cause great harm to film cutting and waste discharge. 4. The self-adhesive label must be flattened, and the supporting force of rewinding must be symmetrical. The flatness is good, and it can be transported, operated, registered and unrolled properly when packaging and printing. The rewinding support force of the plastic film should be symmetrical and moderate. If the support force is small, the plastic film sheet is loose, and horizontal and vertical printing is prohibited; if the support force is large, the sheet is folded horizontally, overprinting is unstable, and normal packaging and printing cannot be performed. 5. Membrane labels should also have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-aging, non-fading, and a small ratio of shrinking and swelling. If the corrosion resistance is poor, it is easy to be brittle and fade, the label will not be durable, and it will continue to endanger the marketing and application of the product. If the ratio of shrinking and swelling is large, it will not only endanger the printing precision during packaging printing, but also continue to cause deformation of the label during the entire application process, which will endanger the market sales and application of the product. For labels of high-end clothing, the embarrassment that the product has not expired but the label has become fragile should be minimized. I believe that when most manufacturers choose self-adhesive labels in the initial stage, they only pay attention to the choice of surface materials, because the surface materials can intuitively show the effect of the design. So what is a high-quality self-adhesive label? In fact, the most far-reaching impact is the adhesive and substrate hidden under the 'face'. After all, before the label products leave the factory, the quality of the face material is easier to check before printing, printing and finished product inspection, so that the user loses less; but the adhesive is susceptible to labeling or use environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) The characteristics of different objects have different choices for adhesives. Therefore, in the process of product labeling, in addition to choosing a good performance such as a plastic bottle labeling machine, the choice of label is also really important. It requires multiple assessments not only for the appearance of good-looking.
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