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How to choose beverage round bottle labeling machine equipment? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-25
How to choose beverage round bottle labeling machine equipment? Everyone must have drunk beverages. No matter how much a bottle of beverages are sold on the market, they have to go through a process before they leave the factory and sell them. That is, they use a beverage labeling machine for labeling. One company produces beverages. The daily shipment volume of beverages by manufacturers is huge, and it is not easy to meet the large volume of beverage labeling. Therefore, it is very important to choose machinery and equipment, so how to choose labeling machine equipment? Beverage labeling machine is a highly precise product. In order to meet the production output of beverages, our beverage labeling machine also needs to maintain a sufficient number of labels. There are good and bad machinery, not every manufacturer produces The labeling machine can achieve this labeling speed, so we have to choose a large brand of labeling machine equipment, such as our Bogao logo labeling machine equipment, so that we can choose a good quality beverage labeling machine without affecting production efficiency. The machine is not an easy task. The editor received a lot of related inquiries after this year. Many people came to ask us if we have a beverage round bottle labeling machine and how much is the lowest price for a round beverage bottle labeling machine.” These related questions After passing through the communication, the customers bought our beverage labeling machine and went back with satisfaction. According to our products, the labeling machine we choose should be different. Beverage bottles are generally single-labeled all week. There are several labeling machines for labeling this product. We need to choose according to our needs. The following editor will introduce you to these kinds of labeling machine equipment: The first is the three-roller round bottle labeling machine. This type of labeling machine adopts a three-roller positioning mechanism for rolling labeling, which is suitable for round bottle labeling of any length around the entire circumference, or symmetrical labeling of round bottle front and back labels. A positioning mechanism can be added to meet specific position labeling. The labeling speed is 4000 bottles/hour; suitable for customers who do not require high speed. Next, let’s take a look at the belt-type round bottle labeling machine, this beverage labeling machine is suitable for round bottle label labeling with any length around the circumference, and the labeling speed is fast It is suitable for round bottle labeling in the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries. It can be used for full-week labeling and half-circle labeling. This model cannot be positioned, and the labeling speed can reach 8000 bottles/hour. Finally, the star wheel labeling machine , This labeling machine adopts a multi-station star wheel mechanism, which is suitable for label labeling of any length around the circumference of a round bottle. 10000 bottles/hour; this model cannot be positioned. The three beverage labeling machines have their own characteristics, we can choose the labeling machine equipment suitable for our own company according to our daily production volume, if you need to buy a labeling machine , Welcome to contact us Bogao logo.
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