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How to choose a suitable automatic labeling machine for disinfectant bottles

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-03
Bacteria are everywhere. With the improvement of people's living standards, people are paying more and more attention to hygiene. Hand washing has become the key to eliminating bacteria, and disinfectant has become a must. There are also more and more disinfectant brands on the market. No matter what brand of disinfectant hand sanitizer needs to be labeled, an automatic labeling machine is needed at this time. The automatic labeling machine generally consists of a label conveying mechanism, a rolling mechanism, a conveying mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a frame, and a control system. Looking at the self-adhesive labeling machines of various brands at home and abroad, their working principles are not much different. They are all made of label peeling transfer and rolling, but their control and design are different. So how to choose the right automatic labeling machine? 1. The label delivery speed of the automatic labeling machine. Nowadays, when supporting the output of the automatic labeling machine, people often fail to comprehensively confirm the label width. It is unreasonable to choose the output index in the manufacturer's sample only, because Generally, the output index given by the manufacturer's sample is based on a certain label length. 2. From the perspective of main function and control, the labeling position detected by the labeling machine in the past is based on the front edge of the bottle as the photosensitive point. Because bottles of different diameters need to be moved by the corresponding electric eye or the labeling time is changed, if not This change cannot ensure that the label is placed in the required position for each bottle. The current products all have the 'automatically calculate label length' function, which effectively compensates for the above-mentioned weaknesses. In fact, the advice given by the editor is: list your own requirements, provide the required speed, accuracy, labeling method, etc. to the labeling machine manufacturer, and then take your products to the manufacturer for labeling testing and testing. The machine is completely purchased after passing, so that it can avoid the unsuitable situation after buying it back. Bogao logo can make samples and test products for customers free of charge.
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