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How to choose a square bottle labeling machine manufacturer? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-17
First of all, when we don't know how to choose a square bottle labeling machine manufacturer, we should know ourselves and the enemy, check the information, and understand what our own needs should be. For example, bottle material, bottleneck size, labeling accuracy requirements, labeling speed, whether it needs to be connected to other production lines, and so on. Among the many types of square bottle labeling machines, how should we choose? Then this needs to be determined in combination with the target output required by the company's products. If the output is large and the appearance and labeling position of the labeling product are relatively standardized, then the automatic square bottle labeling machine should be considered first. If you need to position labeling or multi-sided labeling, you need to contact the labeling machine manufacturer to make a plan for evaluation. If the output demand is low, you can also choose the semi-automatic square bottle labeling machine. Although it is far less than the automatic square bottle labeling machine in terms of speed and intelligence, it just meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for product labeling. After a round of needs and requirements discussion, I believe we have a clearer understanding of the labeling machine, and the rest is that we need to go to the labeling machine manufacturer to check. By checking the debugging state of the machine, whether the speed and accuracy of the labeling machine meet the original requirements, whether there will be missing labels, broken labels, wrinkled labels, and stuck labels, it is also recommended to test multiple times during the period. At the same time, pay attention to the usage of the motor and the conveyor belt, whether there is any jamming phenomenon during the use of the machine, and so on. Finally, ask boldly, just ask if you don’t understand, so that you can maximize your understanding. So how should the manufacturer of the square bottle labeling machine choose? First of all, of course, we try to choose a square bottle labeling machine manufacturer with a certain number of years, because a company with a certain number of years has relatively mature and stable supporting experience and capabilities, so that you can choose and understand the machine more quickly. As a veteran labeling machine manufacturer for more than 10 years, Gaozhi has a work team of hundreds of people and various patented technologies! You are welcome to visit.
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