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How to choose a round bottle labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-20
Round bottle labeling machine is mainly used for labeling round bottles and cylindrical products. According to different bottle specifications and labeling requirements, there are many types that can be selected. How to choose depends on the specific analysis of the situation. Regarding the Bogao logo round bottle labeling machine, we summarized it as follows, which can be used for your reference when choosing a labeling machine. If the labeling machine needs to be connected to the front-end production line, such as a filling machine and a sealing machine, then a fully automatic model must be selected for a long time. If you can use a single machine manually, you can choose between automatic and semi-automatic. For round bottle/cylindrical products with a diameter of more than 30mm and a height of 250mm, you can choose a vertical round bottle labeling machine. This involves a problem. If the diameter is 30mm, the height is 250mm, the center of gravity is unstable, and the conveying process is easy to dump. At this time, we Consider using a horizontal round bottle labeling machine. The vertical round bottle labeling machine has 3 models to choose from, and the choice is determined according to the labeling requirements: 1. A round bottle needs to be labeled with more than 2/3 turns, and the accuracy is high; two labels need to be affixed; If you need a designated location for labeling, you need to choose a positioning type round bottle labeling machine. The machine speed can reach 50 bottles per minute. 2. For labeling less than 2/3 circle, you can choose the rolling type round bottle labeling machine, the labeling speed can reach 180. 3. The diameter of less than 30mm, or cylindrical products that cannot stand, you can choose horizontal round Bottle labeling machine. The horizontal round bottle labeling machine has been upgraded to achieve the same function as the positioning round bottle labeling machine. This labeling machine is mainly used in products such as vials, ampoules, ham sausage, solid glue, penholders, etc. The speed can reach 300 per minute.
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