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How to choose a label labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-09
It is now November 2019, and more than half of the year has passed. Looking back at the development trend of labeling machines in the past six months, I feel that the labeling machine has become almost every enterprise in the packaging automation industry. It is necessary to use a kind of labeling equipment, ranging from a stock group listed company to a family workshop. The society is constantly progressing and developing. Therefore, both customers and consumers have higher and higher requirements for product packaging and labeling. Therefore, a product label can become a direct factor in determining the quality of a product, and the accuracy of the labeling depends on the quality of the product. Used in the head and material of the labeling machine. The packaging industry is very important in the choice of labeling machine. In fact, a good labeling machine and a poor-quality labeling machine are more expensive than a few thousand dollars in cost, but often a lot. Customers are very fond of these thousands of dollars, but they don’t know the reason why the price is paid for. They don’t think the labeling machine is the same. It is enough to put the label on the product, why the extra thousands of dollars Wrong money. But people who really understand the business opportunities can see through the mystery at a glance. Having a good labeling equipment can not only post beautiful and clear label effects, the labeling accuracy will not exceed ±0.5 mm, but also keep up with the automated production line. The high production efficiency and ultra-low failure rate prevent the natural loss of the company due to labeling problems during the assembly line production process, and the effect of the labeling machine can greatly improve the grade level of the company’s products among similar products. Why are large companies getting bigger and bigger, while small companies can only stay where they are, and may even go bankrupt at any time? These main factors are the details that major companies pay attention to. They have strict requirements on any equipment, and constantly need to meet the needs of producing products. More importantly, they must achieve the perfect effect of product requirements. Small companies tend to be entangled in the price. You can get the equipment that can be used for low money. As for how good or bad the effect is, that's secondary. Perhaps it has also verified the truth of the vicious circle and the virtuous circle. Personally, although small businesses do not need to buy expensive imported equipment with outrageous maintenance costs as large companies do, it is extremely important to choose a cost-effective labeling equipment. After years of development, labeling machine manufacturers have served more and more companies, and domestic companies like to engage in price wars. Therefore, the current market price of labeling machines has negligible profits for companies. So when a company chooses a labeling machine, it must be understood why this company's labeling machine is more expensive or cheaper than others, what is the difference, and where is the gap? Through many different angles of comparison, I believe it is not difficult to find out the mystery.
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