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How to choose a good automatic labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-11
The automatic labeling machine is a mechanical and electronic equipment that combines mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, optical and magnetic. In the packaging process of the product, labeling is the top priority of the subsequent packaging process. With the advancement of economic globalization and China's successful entry into the WTO, fully automatic labeling machines are playing an increasingly important role in the product packaging process. So what machine is the best labeling machine? How do manufacturers choose a good automatic labeling machine? Based on its many years of production experience, Bogao Sign Co., Ltd. summarizes the opinions of thousands of plastic manufacturers on-site engineers and provides some suggestions for your reference only. The following aspects should be paid attention to in the selection of labeling machine for automatic labeling machine: 1. The first is the choice of the standard library: The standard library is related to the yield problem, and the material of the standard library must be made of steel to ensure long-term repeated use; It must be up and down, left and right, rotated, and front and rear can be easily and reliably adjusted; the stop bar of the standard library must have a strict and firm verticality to ensure the free sliding of the label; the current popular method of the stop bar and frame of the standard library is to adopt Wire-cut square holes and square rods are used to ensure the stability of the fixation; the stop head of the benchmark rod is a very important and easily overlooked link, which must be processed by a CNC lathe. 2. Then there is the choice of the arm and the suction cup: the arm must be flexible, the length must be easy to adjust, and the arm must not touch the mold, so the material of the arm is preferably aluminum alloy; the suction cup is very important, the suction cup should be transparent and high Flexibility, the skirt of the suction cup must be thin and soft, which is easy to overlook by many manufacturers. 3. Later, it is the weight and center of the equipment: the equipment must have a certain weight. Now many labeling machine manufacturers reduce the weight of the machine in order to reduce costs, which brings a lot of noise and tremor; the center of gravity of the equipment must be in the center of the machine. The best detection method is to run the device to the forefront and use the pressing method to perform preliminary detection. When the center of gravity of the device is wrong, the vibration caused by the repeated movement of the device is extremely unfavorable to the device. 4. Finally, the configuration and price of the equipment: Pay attention to the overall structure of the equipment, to achieve the same function, the less structure, the better. Regarding equipment configuration, general customers pay more attention to the main controller, lead screw, and motor. They don’t pay enough attention to the basic electrical components that are frequently used and have a high damage rate. This is a misunderstanding when selecting equipment. Pay attention to the basic electrical configuration and set the layout and wiring specifications; the price depends on the benevolent, the wise see the wisdom, it is recommended to look at the price-performance ratio. Bogao Sign Co., Ltd. thinks about what customers think in terms of standard library, arm, suction cup, weight or electrical parts configuration, and is used by customers. Product quality strives for excellence, and is accurate, efficient, zero-waste standard, durable, and cost-effective. The goal is to continuously improve the quality of fully automatic labeling machines.
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