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How to choose a fully functional and practical labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-26
The labeling machine is professionally targeted: choose a special customized labeling machine for products with special shapes. Such as: candle utility knife labeling machine. Determine your own product specifications: The type of labeling machine you choose depends on the product you want to label. For example, in the beverage industry, it is necessary to know the height of the diameter material bottle and the number and material of the label. Labeling speed and accuracy: Each labeling machine has its own characteristics, and the labeling speed and accuracy are also different. The labeling speed should be unified according to the materials and requirements. The accuracy of the label is related to the product grade and image, so the accuracy of the label must be high so as not to affect the sales and grade of the product. The material of the labeling machine: For mechanical equipment, the choice of material is very important, because it is related to the service life of the labeling machine. From the current market perspective, the labeling machine is mainly made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Among them, 304 stainless steel is widely used and has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. But the disadvantages are high cost and inability to resist the corrosion of alkaline media. Aluminum alloy materials can be processed into various contours, have excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in industry, but the disadvantage is that they have high hardness and poor plasticity. Auxiliary device for labeling machine: Labeling machine has applications in various industries. The specific circumstances of each industry are different. Therefore, the labeling machine needs to determine whether to install a coding machine or multiple labeling heads according to the customer's needs. Labeling machine safety measures: Although the use of labeling machines tends to be popular due to design defects of some manufacturers, improper use by manufacturers and other factors, some accidental injuries may occur. Therefore, the emergency stop button and anti-static device of the labeling machine are very important, which can avoid dangerous situations to a large extent. Product labeling is an indispensable link in the last link of production. To complete this work quickly and effectively, the power of the labeling machine must be used. As a new type of fully automatic product, the functional speed and material of the labeling machine are directly related to the production efficiency of the enterprise. Only by grasping these key factors can the goal of improving work efficiency be achieved. However, there are many types of labeling machines, and to choose a labeling machine with complete functions and practicality, you need to start from the above aspects.
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