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How to change the paper and ribbon of the real-time printing labeler? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-05
First of all, we must understand the structure of the printing labeling machine. The printing labeling machine has a barcode printing device. The label feeder is responsible for providing labels and recycling backing paper to complete the labeling action. It is the core component of the labeling machine. It is mainly composed of loose reel, drive roller, loose reel buffer, pressure roller, peeling plate, bottom paper recovery buffer. The printing equipment is the same as the industrial-grade barcode printers we use. Many labeling machine products choose these barcode printers as printing label equipment. Therefore, the installation of label paper is actually the same. The following is an introduction to the following installations step. 1. Open the cover of the machine first, and put the bayonet of the label paper on the machine to the maximum; 2. Remove the label paper from the bar code paper holder and replace it with a new label paper, pay attention to the direction of the label paper, and do not install it backwards; 3 .Adjust the bayonet of the fixed bar code paper to the proper position, not too tight, the middle of the tight label paper will bulge; not too loose, the loose label will be distorted when printing. 4. Complete the above steps, start paper feeding, and check the printing effect. The following is the ribbon replacement method by the print labeling machine. The first step: Open the cover of the barcode machine, and then the rod next to the machine head, raise the machine head, and replace the ribbon and label paper through this. Many people will get stuck here if they don't change it. Step 2: Remove the ribbon shaft. Note that the new ribbon should be installed on the inner shaft and the outer shaft is used to collect the waste ribbon. Note: The direction of the ribbon should be downward. Three steps: Take out the ribbon, wrap it around under the machine head, stick it on the front shaft, and just tighten it.
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