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How to apply anti-counterfeiting labels on labels using labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-21
How to apply anti-counterfeiting labels on labels using labeling machines? Sticking small labels on big labels and sticking anti-counterfeiting labels are a lot of labeling techniques now used. What is this labeling machine? In fact, there are three ways to achieve this way of labeling. Bogao logo labeling machine will introduce you one by one. The first method uses the cooperation of two labeling machines. The first flat labeling machine will apply the first large label. After the labeling, the product will pass through the second flat labeling machine to align the labeling position with the label. Just a bit. This method needs to be equipped with two labeling machines, and the space that needs to be occupied is two machine positions. The second method is to use a double-head labeling machine. This method is implemented in two ways. The first is to design two labels on one labeling machine. The labeling method is similar to the labeling method in the first method. Or adopt the double-header superposition method, one header directly affixes the anti-counterfeiting label to the large label, and then the two-in-one label is affixed to the product. The third method, this method uses a roll film labeling machine, which is a type of labeling machine. The large label is installed on the rewinding machine to rewind, and the labeling machine applies the anti-counterfeiting label to the rewinding.
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