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How to adjust the labeling machine in operation-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-20
If a machine is not very flexible in use, we can make mechanical adjustments, or the effect used is not very good, or it is almost How to make adjustments during operation? Let the editor of Bogao flat labeling machine manufacturer tell us. 1. Loosen the fixing screw on the roll paper tray, remove the plexiglass disc, and then adjust the position of the back plate so that the position of the back plate can meet the position of the roll paper plate on the center line of the paper tape. After fixing the screw, install it. Upper tray 1 and plexiglass front tray, and then fix them with screws. Finally, check whether the rotation of the roll paper tray is flexible. If it is not flexible, follow the above steps to make further adjustments until it is flexible. 2. Requirements for wearing labeling tape: first check whether all the rollers on the route of the labeling tape are flexible. If they are not flexible, they must be adjusted to be flexible. The threading method is carried out in the direction of the red line on the view. Pay special attention to the labeling paper tape to pass through the space of the photoelectric sensor to ensure the normal operation of the photoelectric signal device. 3. Perform trial labeling: Put the bottles to be labeled on the conveyor belt, adjust the left and right bottle bar, close to the labeling device, adjust the distance between the front and back, press each motor switch button, and then start the two sets of photoelectric switch buttons , Put in a few bottles for trial labeling first, and check whether the label paper is up to the required requirements, then it indicates that the trial labeling stage has passed and mass production can be carried out. 4. If an accident occurs during the trial run and production process, the operator can press the emergency stop device. 5. During the labeling process, if there is broken glass or sundries, the machine must be shut down immediately, and the production can be continued after cleaning. 6. Shutdown: When you need to stop production, you should turn off each switch first, and finally turn off the main power supply. If you want to know more about how to adjust the labeling machine in operation, you can click on the website of the manufacturer of the Bogao flat labeling machine to browse!
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