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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-31
The flat automatic labeling machine is widely used in enterprises and has a small area. It can save the cost of workshop infrastructure for the enterprise. It can also be matched with the filling machine to form a complete production line. Compared with manual labeling, the automatic labeling machine can perform uninterrupted work with less human resources and workshop area, and has higher production efficiency and return efficiency, saving material costs. In addition, the labeling accuracy of the fully automatic labeling machine is also very high, and there is basically no error. Although the automatic labeling machine has many advantages, like other equipment, it also sometimes fails. If the flat labeling machine encounters a problem, how to adjust it. The flat labeling machine is suitable for attaching self-adhesive labels or self-adhesive films on flat and large arc surfaces. This type of labeling machine can not only improve work efficiency, but also has a beautiful and ideal work effect, which solves some problems of manual labeling. , Such as inaccurate labeling position, blistering, wrinkles, etc., these problems have been solved, effectively improving the image of the product, but also reducing the cost of production, is the first choice of many companies. Common applications include SD card labeling, cell phone lens filming, electronic accessories labeling, plastic box labeling, etc. The main materials of the equipment are aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which are beautiful in appearance and strong in overall structure; product-oriented gap elimination mechanism and label anti-offset mechanism are selected, and the labeling positioning accuracy is as high as ±0.5mm; the labeling stability of the equipment is relatively good , The labeling is flat, bubble-free and wrinkle-free, which can meet the requirements of labeling on most product flat and large arc surfaces; and has a fault alarm function; production counting function; power saving function, which means that within the set time When there is no labeling, the equipment automatically goes to the power-saving standby state; the production number setting prompt function; the parameter setting protection function is the parameter setting sub-authority management. How to adjust this machine when it encounters a malfunction? The first is the adjustment of the rubber roller and the squeegee. It is reported that there should be no gap between the rubber roller and the squeegee in the entire length. Once the gap occurs, the squeegee should be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric spiral. Practice has proved that when the gap between the rubber roller and the target plate is between 0.1mm-0.2mm, it is actually more appropriate. This can be achieved by adjusting the bearing seat under the rubber roller, and if necessary, the upper bearing of the rubber roller can also be adjusted. There is also the adjustment of the bottle-in star wheel, the bottle-out star wheel and the bottle-in screw rod. When adjusting the bottle-in star wheel, the bottle-out star wheel, and the bottle-in screw rod, the marked pressing head shall prevail. When the bottle pressing head just overwhelms the bottle, adjust the bottle inlet star wheel so that the bottle is in the middle of the star wheel groove; when the bottle is in the middle of the bottle inlet star wheel groove, adjust the screw rod so that the bottle inlet side of the screw rod is close to the bottle; When the bottle pressing head is just raised, the star wheel can be adjusted so that the bottle is in the middle of the groove of the star wheel. Regarding some adjustments and maintenance of the automatic labeling machine, I will stop here today. If you really encounter a problem that cannot be solved, you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. Bogao's after-sales service is very attentive very quickly. If you need a fully automatic labeling machine, you can contact Bogao.
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