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How much is an automatic labeling machine? How is it defined? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
The appearance of automatic labeling machines has been getting longer and longer, and labeling machine manufacturers have also blossomed in recent years. More and more people began to pay attention to the principle structure of the labeling machine, configuration services, and then inquired about the price of the fully automatic labeling machine. Many friends ask how much a labeling machine is when they consult the manufacturer? Labeling machine manufacturers can’t answer directly. For example, Bogao logos are customized according to the customer’s functional needs. The advantage of this is that they can better match the company’s production lines and reduce costs. If you don’t know it well, Bogao A sign expert will also recommend it to you. The price of automatic labeling machine comes from the following points: Automatic labeling machine includes round bottle labeling machine, flat labeling machine, side labeling machine, arc labeling machine, two-sided labeling machine, wine labeling machine Machine, wine labeling machine, mineral water bottle labeling machine, plywood labeling machine, hardware electronic labeling machine, bar code labeling machine, food labeling machine, etc., there are many types, and the materials and functions of each equipment The procedures are different, all of which affect the price. What is non-standard automation equipment? Non-standard automation equipment does not have a specific model. It can only be set according to the different requirements of the user's desired function, use, process, etc. It also needs to go to the company to inspect the production environment, unlike general standard automation equipment The production is so simple, it can be produced in accordance with a fixed production process. This requires a test of the ability of a manufacturer. It must have excellent technology and years of Ru0026D and production experience, from the technical setting plan to the assembly of individual parts, and then the equipment can be produced on the production line. The process must have ultra-high technology and an experienced Ru0026D and design team, and each stage must be implemented in strict accordance with the standards, and strive to complete the functions of the equipment, stable performance, and novel and beautiful appearance. For example, for a bottle, if one label and two labels are attached, our standard machine can directly apply it. If it is specified to be attached to a certain position of the bottle, or to attach it according to the special requirements of the product. This requires a customized labeling machine. Why can't I see the manufacturer's equipment price online, so I have to call to make a quotation? The price of the automatic labeling machine needs to be called mainly to let the manufacturer know more about your requirements for the labeling machine, for example, the speed of the labeling machine (bottle/sheet/piece/hour), how to apply the label? Where is it posted? Do you need to connect to the assembly line of your company's production line? Where should it be connected? And what are your requirements for the labeling machine, we will recommend the most suitable labeling machine for you according to your product, and then use the company's technology to design the most suitable equipment for you according to your production line, and combine the raw materials required by the equipment Wait, we will provide you with the price of this fully automatic labeling machine for free!
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