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How much does a customized round bottle labeling machine cost? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-08
The round bottle labeling machine is a general-purpose labeling machine for cylindrical products, and the shipment of standard machines is very large. Standard machines refer to general drawings, general accessories, and machines that can be mass-produced. At present, the round bottle labeling machine is for products with φ30-120mm and a height of 30-230mm. Labeled products with a label height of 150mm are used. The standard round bottle labeling machine can meet the demand. More than this size, it is necessary to customize an exclusive round bottle labeling machine for the product. In terms of customization, it is mainly designed for size. The product diameter and height are within the compatible range, but the label height is more than 150mm. We need to increase the size of the labeling plate on the door-to-door label stripping board, which is now a rod around the label. This is a simple customization. The product diameter size needs to be designed to widen the conveying. At present, in the round bottle labeling machine made by the labeling machine, the conveying width is designed to 300mm, which is used for labeling a chemical barrel. If both the product and the label exceed the compatible size, the entire device needs to be enlarged and designed, especially the super-large label. For example, the label height is 250mm and the length is 400mm. In addition to increasing the size of the machine, some peripherals are needed to assist in labeling. Mark. Because the larger the label, the more difficult it is to label. In terms of flat labeling of large labels, machinery has a perfect solution. So, how much does this customized round bottle labeling machine cost? If only the label height size exceeds the standard, the required cost is not high. If you want to increase the design, you need to calculate the cost according to the specific size of the product. What we do is to add the material cost and other expenses to the standard machine, so the cost is more than the standard Thousands or even tens of thousands of machines are within the normal range.
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