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How much do you know about online printing and labeling machines? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-17
Since its establishment, it has concentrated on the development of high-precision automatic flat labeling machine, half-fold labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine, automatic filling machine and other non-standard automation equipment in the field of packaging and marking; at the same time, it is good at various types of labeling machinery production Manufacturing, process design improvement, and mechanical and electrical system integration and debugging, while serving customers well, it has also accumulated a wealth of industry experience. In recent years, labeling equipment has been widely used in mobile phones, logistics, food, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and printing. Hardware and plastics, electrical toys and other fields. The online printing labeling machine simply means that the printer is integrated in the labeling machine, which can realize the function of labeling while printing. So, let's let the editor of Bogao Sign Technology talk with you: How much do you know about online printing and labeling machines? Customer equipment case explanation: Model: APTM-460 Configuration: two placement heads; up to four feeder functions: connect/disconnect MES and cooperate with industrial printers to realize online label printing; after labeling, you can scan and read the label information. Connect with MES system to feedback data. [ATPM-460 automatic online printing and labeling machine] 1. Product features: (1) Hardware features: 1. X/Y motor adopts Japanese imported Sanyo motor, THK linear module, high-precision CCD and supporting software are fully guaranteed The accuracy and stability of the machine; 2. The standard Zebra industrial printer can meet the printing needs of most customers for one- and two-digit labels, and the printer brand and model can also be customized according to customer needs; 3. Standard use High-definition CCD on the head for reading codes, special cases can also be read by a dedicated bar code scanner according to customer needs; (2) Software features: Positioning: CCD identification standard mark point positioning; 1. Can be set to take label reading and judge printing Whether the QR code is defective or poorly discarded; 2. While taking the label and reading the code, you can also set up to grab the contour of the label to compensate for the label to ensure the accuracy of the label. 2. Process flow 3. Product parameters The above is the introduction of relevant content brought by the editor of Bogao Logo Technology, I hope it will be helpful to you! The company specializes in accelerating production enterprises to promote industrial automation and realize industrial upgrading. It has created an experienced technical team that can bear hardships and stand hard work, dare to be the first and pay attention to customer experience, and help customers through our outstanding technological innovation and considerate after-sales service. Success, create a value model, build a well-known brand serving the packaging equipment industry, and achieve sustainable development.
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