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How does the vertical labeling machine work? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-25
Labeling machines are now widely used in people’s lives. In order to create a brand effect, products are generally labeled with their own labels so that the products can be sold better. Vertical labeling machines are used to label products. Mechanical equipment, it uses the self-adhesive film roll labeling paper. When labeling, it adopts the method of rolling. The entire labeling process is completed automatically. It can automatically complete the bottle placement, and then Label and put the bottle away. The reason why the vertical labeling machine can complete the automated packaging process is because its bottom bracket is equipped with a conveyor line, as well as wheels for separating bottles, and there is a decoration for the label, and a device for rolling and sticking. There are sensors, microcomputer control systems, etc., so that the entire operation process can be completed smoothly. First, it can place the object to be labeled on the conveyor chain plate of the equipment, and then the motor for sending the label can start to start, so that the label is stored in the buffer. When it is full, it stops. At this time, the photoelectric sensor of the device will start, the labeling motor in the device will start, and the device will peel off the label, and then stick it on the surface of the object. After the slider slides to a certain position, it stops. The label photoelectric can sense the interval position of the label to control the operation and stop of the motor. When the label is finished, the equipment will automatically stop the label. After the label is attached to the surface of the object, the clamping mechanism will affix the label more neatly, so that the entire labeling process is completed. The emergence of the vertical labeling machine makes the labeling work smooth and high-quality can be completed. When labeling the object, the object is transported to the chain plate, and then the object to be labeled will enter one after another, so that the equipment is It can automatically complete the above labeling work, making the labeling efficiency very high, and the quality of the labels posted by this device is very good, so it is more and more widely used.
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