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How does the high-precision automatic labeling machine work? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2021-12-29
How does Bogao's high-precision automatic labeling machine work? The automatic labeling machine is a very important mechanical equipment in the packaging industry. This equipment is widely known by most people. However, there are many people who know this equipment and it is not necessary to know its working mode. That’s too much. Here, on behalf of Bogao Logo, the editor will explain to you how our Bogao Logo labeling machine works! How does the labeling machine work? There are many people who have such questions, but today I will answer this question for everyone here, so that everyone can feel more at ease when buying the labeling machine. Okay, let’s introduce this fully automatic high-precision labeling machine. The working principle of this automatic high-precision labeling machine is mainly composed of a high-precision suction labeling head, a barcode printer, a conveyor line, and a control center. This labeling machine equipment is mainly used in some production companies that require labeling accuracy. , Its working environment is a flat conveyor belt and an assembly line capable of conveying stable products on the conveyor line. Next, let’s take a look at its working process. The engineering process of this fully automatic labeling equipment is to place the products one by one on the conveyor line according to requirements by mechanical equipment or manually. Push to the side to position the product. After the product reaches the measuring sensor of our automatic labeling machine, the overall mechanism of the labeling machine's header is already performing label printing as required. After the cylinder positions the product, the signal is sent to the PLC and then to The labeling head, the labeling mechanism peels the label to the suction head, and the suction head directly presses the product to overwrite the label. After labeling is completed, the positioning cylinder is directly opened after labeling. The product flows to the follow-up, and the entire labeling is completed. The working principle of this automatic labeling machine is not complicated. Of course, the labeling machine industry such as our Bogao logo is to make the labeling work more convenient, so the machines we produce naturally make people feel that the simpler the more. Good, but simple does not mean simple. Nowadays, the labeling machine equipment produced by our Bogao logo can reach 10,000 pieces of labels per day. This is far from being able to do manual labeling in the past. Today I will explain this labeling for everyone. The machine equipment is mainly customized for products with higher precision, and the products are modified with semi-automatic high-precision labeling machines. There are many types of labeling machines produced by our Bogao logo for various industries, and there are more suitable ones for you. One. The above is the answer to the question 'How does the high-precision automatic labeling machine work' that the editor answered today. If you need to buy a labeling machine, please contact us.
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