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How does the domestic labeling machine break the bottleneck in it-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-30
At present, there are many types of commodities on the market in our country, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, making it difficult for users to choose. But most people will look for the 'identity card' of the product-the label when buying it. Labels provide consumers with descriptions of product information and characteristics, as well as an effective way for consumers to intuitively understand the ingredients and characteristics of products.     In the pharmaceutical industry, the label on the outer packaging of drugs is extremely important, not only related to the safety of patients' medication, but also the main way for the traceability of the source of drugs. The State Food and Drug Administration stipulates that the text in the drug insert sheet and label should be clear and easy to distinguish, and the label should be clear and eye-catching. For the labeling machine market, the continuous introduction of policies is the driving force for continuous innovation and improvement of labeling machine equipment.     In recent years, the labeling machine market has developed rapidly, from semi-automatic labeling machines to automatic labeling machines. The types of labeling machines are becoming more and more abundant, and the work efficiency is obviously improving. The development of the labeling machine proves that by analyzing the needs of the market and striving to meet the needs of the market, it can well promote its own development, and then promote the development of the entire pharmaceutical industry.    The current situation of my country's labeling machine     It is understood that my country's labeling machine industry has experienced more than 20 years of development history, and has also made great progress in continuous research and development. However, in recent years, the development of labeling machines in my country is not optimistic. Industry insiders said that initially with the strong support of the country, the labeling machine market developed rapidly, but after its peak, it fell into silence. Labeling machine manufacturers have learned that the main reason for the hindrance of the development of the labeling machine industry is due to the following aspects.     First of all, the product is single and the production repeat rate is high. This problem is not only reflected in the labeling machine industry, but also in other pharmaceutical equipment and machinery industries. The labeling industry has low thresholds and insufficient market production standards, leading to the scattered and chaotic characteristics of the market. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly following the trend, and the quality of equipment cannot be guaranteed. Secondly, the company lacks brand strength, and the labeling machine industry has developed so far, brand trust is still an important issue in the development process. However, because the equipment industry cannot directly contact consumers, it is difficult to cultivate brand awareness, resulting in not many well-known labeling machine brands in China.     How does the domestic labeling machine break the bottleneck?      It is understood that in the working process of the labeling machine, problems such as missing, wrong, and re-sticking are the main problems, and they are also the technical bottlenecks of the labeling machine industry. How does      break the bottleneck? I think the key lies in technological breakthroughs. Labeling machine companies should be based on market demand, invest more funds in technical bottlenecks, dig deeper into the company’s internal resources, introduce high-tech talents, and develop high-quality, high-efficiency and high-precision labeling machines to create a resounding Brands can better meet the needs of customers, and continue to enrich the labeling machine market to prevent the phenomenon of wasting resources due to imitation. As the forms of pharmaceutical packaging on the market become more and more diversified, labeling begins to be divided into grades, and people’s aesthetic needs are gradually increasing. The labeling machine industry spends more time on labeling equipment to help the pharmaceutical industry better development of.
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