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How does the automatic labeling machine for toothpaste packaging allow companies to create a unique image?

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-02
Individuality is what enterprises and consumers are pursuing, and the uniqueness of labeling by automatic labeling machines is also more attractive to consumers. After investigation, when consumers choose products (regardless of the product brand), 80% of the shopping decisions are based on the color of the product packaging label and 20% of the appearance shape. From this, it can be seen that the product label is attached. The labeling machine is very important to the enterprise. How to make the design of the product label labeling machine of your own brand more unique is also very important. Then how to create the uniqueness of the labeling of the enterprise? Analysis of the toothpaste labeling market at present domestic In the toothpaste market, foreign capital is strong and local is weak. Foreign brands such as Colgate, Crest, and Blacks account for more than 70% of the market share, while local brands such as Yunnan Baiyao, Lengsuanling, and Shuke only account for less than 30% of the market. Domestic toothpaste brands avoid head-on confrontation with foreign brands, occupying the Chinese herbal toothpaste, middle-aged and elderly oral care, etc., to dominate the market through sub-category packaging labels and labeling. Packaging labeling and brand image are unified. The labeling of the automatic labeling machine must conform to the brand temperament and corporate cultural connotation. Product packaging cannot be distinguished separately. Product packaging label labeling is also part of the brand image, and companies cannot separate it The design must conform to the overall feeling. Reasonable use of traditional elements. The use of traditional Chinese medicine ointment packaging elements, the clever use of traditional cultural modern expression methods, and the requirements for product labeling machines have begun to change. Now consumers prefer simple, fashionable and generous or antique ones. With the use of Chinese elements, these packaging labels are now more popular, and consumers are more attracted to them. In the use of product brand elements, the use must be focused, and as few elements are arranged as possible, so that the overall packaging and labeling can have as few complex pictures as possible. The combination of elements must be reasonable, the brand name or product name should be highlighted as much as possible, and other distinctive introductions should also be highlighted. Unique packaging label labeling Unique label labeling machine labeling. How can you highlight the products and brands of this company from the numerous brands in the numerous packaging label labeling? It is from the uniqueness of the design of the fully automatic labeling machine, and the unique design of the color can be used in the unique design. Different from other products, it has an eye-catching color that matches the product; in terms of the shape of the packaging label, many packaging labels now use common manual labeling, and the packaging label labeling is not perfect enough to attract consumers. The automatic labeling machine is just the outer label of the product. In fact, it can also show the corporate culture, brand image and other aspects. The quality of packaging labeling in the eyes of consumers often reflects the quality of the product and the creativity of packaging. The originality of the brand. The role of product packaging is actually very large, not only showing the brand image, but also a booster for product sales. Enterprises should pay attention to the packaging and labeling of products, and create a packaging label and labeling with distinctive features that have the company's cultural characteristics, conform to the brand image. But it is useful to remind companies that it is not to spend too much money on it.
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