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How do sales staff choose suitable automatic labeling machines for customers? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-08
In the sales process of labeling machines, we often encounter some customers who want to buy some automatic labeling machines to replace manual labeling, but worry that the price of automatic labeling machines is more expensive, and hesitate. Therefore, as a qualified labeling machine salesperson, an important indicator is to see whether it can help customers select the labeling machine equipment that can meet the customer’s production requirements, and at the same time, the price is relatively cheap. Don't delay the idea of u200bu200breplacing people with machines because of the mistakes made by some of our less-professional sales staff. So, how can we select equipment that can meet production needs and is relatively cheap for customers? First of all, we must communicate with customers in detail and fully understand the real needs of customers. If you encounter some doubts that are not very definite, you can also go to the customer site to do an on-site investigation to understand the needs of customers; secondly, It is necessary to have a good understanding of the performance, characteristics, application scenarios, technical specifications and other related parameters of your own labeling machine; furthermore, you can see whether the customer needs a pure labeling machine or a printing labeling machine according to the actual use needs of the customer. Make the right choice according to the product packaged by the customer, the environment and other issues, and combine the actual performance of the labeling machine recommended to the customer to choose a labeling machine that can meet the needs of the customer and at the same time is relatively cheap; Only in this way can we choose a labeling machine with high utilization and high cost performance for our customers, and avoid selecting some high-configuration, high-price, high-consumption, and low-utilization equipment. Therefore, it is very important to purchase automation equipment, and it is closely related to your cost. It's like you only need to send 2 tons of goods to the destination each time, and you use a 20-ton truck to deliver each time. Although the goods are delivered, the costs in all aspects have also increased a lot. Cause a waste of resources. For example, the cost of buying a car, the cost of using the vehicle, and the cost of maintenance. The same is true for buying equipment. Suppose your customer’s product production cycle is 10 seconds, but you help the customer choose a labeling machine with a labeling cycle of 1 second; or that your customer only needs one labeling machine. The labeling machine with a stroke of 300MM can apply the label to the surface of his product, but you helped the customer choose a labeling machine with a stroke of 600MM to apply. Of course, the labeling machine you choose can fulfill the customer's labeling requirements, but its own sales price and later use and maintenance costs will also be higher than the labeling machine that can just meet the customer's use requirements. In the end, this cost will be transferred to the customer, so that the customer feels that the price of the labeling machine is higher, which greatly reduces their desire to buy. But if we can select a labeling machine that can meet their requirements and are cheap, then the possibility of customers buying will be greatly increased, that is to say, the possibility of our transaction will also be greatly increased. Isn't it what we hope to achieve the result of Shuang Lei? Therefore, in the future sales work, I hope that everyone can continue to improve their professional knowledge, carefully communicate with their customers, so that the results of this kind of double-lei appear more and more in our sales life. The points mentioned above are all my experience in my work, and there are better experience methods. Welcome to consult.
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