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How can automatic labeling machine manufacturers paste better agricultural boxes-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-13
How to design the structure of the automatic labeling machine for agricultural product box packaging to do a better job? Nowadays, many Chinese agricultural product companies often put a lot of effort on the outer packaging for us to effectively increase the economic added value. This kind of outer label The main problem of labeling and packaging in teaching design should be to highlight the characteristics of the student’s national agricultural product market itself, because the vast majority of customers in my country are willing to buy a certain agricultural product, in addition to the technically edible agricultural products, In addition, the use of this kind of agricultural products may represent the characteristics of Guangxi. For example, some agricultural products may be produced from certain special areas, and there may be ethnic spiritual and cultural elements in these research areas, and there may also be other Some local characteristics of rural tourism culture are in it, so when systematically designing the outer packaging, these regional characteristics should be integrated into the outer packaging, so that the management of this brand product provides more historical background. Agricultural product packaging also considers young people, because now many young people also buy agricultural products, such as roasted sweet potatoes are typical agricultural products, such as yam or some special agricultural and sideline products and fruits are also very popular with young people, so they are using automatic labeling machines The preference of these young people should also be taken into consideration in pasting the outer packaging. Let young people see the outer packaging label and have a strong interest. Then in the design of the outer packaging label, some popular elements can be put into the outer packaging, some avant-garde elements Putting some avant-garde elements into the outer packaging and labeling them will make those young people have a strong interest in agricultural products. After all, there are many young people who have relatively strong consumption power. It can be said that many young people have become buying agricultural products. The main group of consumers, so don’t do agricultural product packaging, and you can’t ignore young consumer groups. The design of the automatic labeling machine also takes into account certain functions of its own agricultural products. For example, some agricultural products are produced in the local area. The agricultural box is pure green and pollution-free, so we should consider the natural packaging and labeling this time. The non-polluting characteristics, the production of the above-mentioned label and packaging can prove the production of agricultural products, so that consumers can believe that the production of such products in contaminated areas is in line with healthy and green diet culture and modern product habits, or some of the production of such agricultural products The aspect becomes the picture displayed on the label labeling package above.
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