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How can automatic labeling machine manufacturers break through foreign monopoly-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-13
If the labeling machine most commonly used by pharmaceutical companies is what it is, I think it is a fully automatic labeling machine. It is well known that my country’s packaging and labeling companies started late. In the early days, they were imitating foreign technologies such as Europe and the United States to produce fully automatic labeling machines. At that time, there was no good technology, so the sales of fully automatic labeling machines produced were very low. Pharmaceutical companies also choose foreign products, and the domestic market is almost monopolized by foreign countries. Later, with the efforts of domestic fully automatic labeling machine manufacturers and government protection and catching up with the upsurge of economic globalization, domestic fully automatic labeling machines have been greatly improved, and their technology and performance have been continuously improved. Breaking the monopoly of foreign countries, China's fully automatic labeling machine finally has its early days. It is understood that many domestic pharmaceutical companies have already used domestically produced automatic labeling machines as early as seven or eight years ago. This shows that China has completely broken foreign monopolies seven or eight years ago. Since then, domestic automatic labeling machine manufacturers have never given up on the research and development and improvement of automatic labeling machines. Now the domestic pharmaceutical companies that use domestic labels for labeling are not worthy of domestic pharmaceutical companies, and many other foreign companies are also using them. This proves that domestic Of manufacturers are opening the door to the world. Domestic manufacturers of automatic labeling machines are working hard to develop, and foreign companies are also working hard to develop. According to understanding that foreign automatic labeling machines are developing in the direction of artificial intelligence, some foreign manufacturers are already developing intelligent automatic labeling machines. The labeling machine is out. If successful, this will inevitably be a major reform of the fully automatic labeling machine, and the entire industry will undergo earth-shaking changes. If domestic manufacturers do not pay attention to this aspect, they will easily be left behind by foreign manufacturers again in the future. Foreign automatic labeling machines once again appear monopoly. Once this is the case, trying to catch up may not be as easy as before, so this time we must closely follow the level of the international market. Domestic manufacturers of automatic labeling machines have gone through many difficult and bumpy roads, and although the road to be taken now is very difficult but it is much easier than before, but don’t have the thought of taking it lightly, thinking that this is changing rapidly. No one in the market knows what will happen tomorrow, so it takes more effort to develop better.
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