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How are the beverage bottle labels attached? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2021-12-30
Once the weather heats up, the consumption of beverages is always huge. Coke and other carbonated beverages or mineral water have always been popular in summer, and merchants are busy checking inventory consumption every day. Many people also accumulate all kinds of beverages in their homes. Taking a sip after get off work may be the most comfortable time of the day. Now companies are paying more and more attention to brand output and packaging design. After all, they want products to sell well. In addition to the taste, packaging is the most intuitive and direct way of publicity. How to be representative in visual identity? Packaging is indeed a big learning, which plays a vital role in actual marketing. At present, the mainstream equipment for beverage labeling is divided into automatic round bottle labeling machines and sleeve labeling machines. Different product packaging machines will naturally use different labeling equipment. Also briefly introduce two kinds of automatic labeling machines: There are many types of labeling machines. Generally, round bottle labeling machines are used for beverages. They are suitable for full or half round product labeling on cylindrical or conical round bottles. The labeling machine is widely used in various industries, and its advantages such as good quality, high efficiency, and complete machine can only have a high utilization rate in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, electronic and other industries. 'How does the automatic labeling machine work? What is the working principle?' I won't do too much elaboration here today. I have written it before, and interested friends can click into it to take a look. Sleeve labeling machine: Sleeve labeling machine is also called sleeve mold packing labeling machine. The principle of sleeve labeling machine is also very simple. It shrinks the label from PVC or PET according to the product diameter. It shrinks through the shrinking machine about 180 degrees to achieve shrinkage. Close-fitting effect. There are many types of labeling machines. Different labeling products or labeling forms are produced by different labeling machines. If you want to buy a selected labeling machine, you still have to do your homework in advance. 'How to classify labeling machines and what types of labeling machines are there?' After decades of rapid development, labeling machines have continued to improve and innovate. Nowadays, there are more and more production plants that use various types of labels. This kind of labeling machine is used for product packaging, and the labeling machine has become one of the indispensable basic equipment in the packaging market. In particular, the widespread use of automated labeling machines can replace traditional manual labor and continuously improve working conditions, which can increase production efficiency by hundreds of times, save costs, and enhance product competitiveness. In the future, with the rapid development of technology , There will continue to appear more types, more intelligent and more advanced labeling machines. Our Bogao logo is a professional labeling machine manufacturer focusing on independent research and development, design, production and sales. Focus on the field of automatic labeling machine for a long time, continue to study automatic labeling machine technology, independently research and develop semi-automatic labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine, flat labeling machine and customized labeling machine with automatic production line. If you have labeling equipment If necessary, welcome to contact us with Bogao logo.
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