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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-04
Many factories will use automatic label labeling machines and fixed scanners to monitor the product manufacturing process in real time and automate the production process, because this can save operators a lot of time, reduce error rates, and ensure that companies can produce products that meet customer needs Quality products. Today, Bogao logo brought a case where a certain home purchases a label automatic labeling machine and a fixed scanner. Due to its own development needs, the household wants to purchase a fully automatic labeling machine and a fixed scanner to realize the automation of the production process, improve the quality of the product and reduce the production time. After comprehensive comparison of printer quality, printing speed, and price, we finally chose Bogao Sign Technology and reached a cooperation with us. After understanding the needs of a certain household, we provided it with several automatic labeling machines and fixed scanners, which can monitor the manufacturing process in real time, and use automatic scanning equipment to automatically record the entire production and assembly process. The label of the part controls the statistical data through the automatic scanning process, and realizes the automation of the production process, so that the production staff does not need to manually scan and transmit the data after the process is over. The operator can save a lot of time and improve work efficiency. At the same time, the management personnel have a more accurate understanding of each step in the manufacturing process, prevent errors in time, and produce high-quality products that meet customer needs. By scanning each part, customers who need product recall inspections or reminders can be quickly identified when there is a problem with the product batch. The person in charge of a certain household said after using the label automatic labeling machine and the fixed scanner for a period of time that using the industrial scanning platform to read the label data can achieve a near-zero error rate and reduce human writing errors. . After the equipment is installed, the industrial scanning platform does not require personnel to control and intervention, and can automatically scan and transmit, which can save working time. I am very satisfied with the equipment we provide. Finally, if you want to know more about the bar code label automatic labeling machine, please contact our online customer service directly.
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