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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-13
The must-have snacks in the supermarkets and shopping malls, spicy strips, spicy strips, also called spicy slices, are delicious snacks made of wheat flour and spicy powder. The more spicy, the more flavorful it is. Loved by diners. The packaging of spicy strips is also varied, with different colors. With the rise of e-commerce and new media, the packaging of many spicy strips is now returning to basics. Just use a transparent plastic package, and use a labeling machine to paste a personalized label on the repackage. Labels can be customized in batches according to different products. When labeling, a coding machine can be used to print the production number and other information, which is very efficient. This new type of hot strip packaging labeling has a dedicated labeling machine. According to the form of the hot strip packaging bag, there are two types of machines to choose from: 1. Fully automatic paging flat labeling machine This machine is designed for independent plastic bag labeling. , Put a stack of spicy strip packaging bags into the paging mechanism of the labeling machine. The paging mechanism can quickly separate the spicy strip packaging bags one by one into the labeling machine. Aiming at the thin and light characteristics of the plastic bags for packaging spicy strips, this labeling The machine's conveying will add a suction function. When the packaging bag is conveyed on the labeling machine, it can be sucked by negative pressure to prevent it from deflecting at will, which can ensure the accuracy of labeling. 2. Roll film labeling machine Roll film labeling machine is for labeling plastic bags of roll materials. This labeling machine can realize roll bag unwinding-labeling-rewinding work, and it is not widely used.
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