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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-29
What does the horizontal roll automatic labeling machine look like? With the development of our country’s economy, our industrial system is gradually maturing. A qualified factory production line needs to be equipped with efficient production line equipment, as well as efficient automatic labeling equipment, especially in medical and industry. Because the product is small and the product is large, it is even more necessary to use a labeling machine to label your products. Today, the editor on behalf of Bogao logo is here for everyone to popularize science. About the horizontal roll automatic labeling machine equipment is What is it like, what are its characteristics and capabilities. What is the horizontal roll automatic labeling machine equipment like, what are the characteristics and capabilities? This labeling machine equipment is mainly used in companies that need to label small bottles, such as round bottles, oval bottles, and flat bottles with a size of less than 15cm. This product is often used in the medical industry and the cosmetics industry. They Among the products, eye drops, vials, e-liquid bottles, nail polish bottles, etc., all use horizontal roll type automatic labeling machine equipment to label the products. This kind of labeling machine equipment is ours. The labeling machine industry is specially developed to solve the difficulty of labeling this kind of product. This horizontal roll automatic labeling machine equipment can solve the problem of the accuracy of the label positioning bottle and the problem of unstable standing of the bottle product. There are also different bottles. For material labeling problems, this fully automatic labeling machine is sturdy and stable, and its design is reasonable. It adopts the labeling method controlled by the horizontal roller and servo system to expand the contact area between the small bottle and the conveyor belt, and solve the problem of unstable, swinging and shaking product labeling. This horizontal roller automatic labeling machine is used in At work, the labeling process is carried out by the method of precision induction electric eye detection. When the horizontal small bottle product comes with the conveyor belt, it immediately carries out the instruction recognition, automatically aligns the position, and completes the labeling. The accuracy error is ±0.5m, and this horizontal roll automatic labeling machine equipment marked by our Bogao It also adopts flexible bottle separation technology and labeling technology, which effectively solves the labeling compatibility problem of the equipment in different materials such as glass and plastic materials. One machine has multiple functions and one machine solves multiple product packaging problems. The labeling machine equipment of our Bogao logo has a high degree of automation. The labeling speed can reach 150-400 bottles/min. This labeling speed They are all very good ones in the industry. The above is the answer to 'What is the horizontal roll automatic labeling machine equipment like, what are the characteristics and capabilities' shared by the editor today. If you want to get more information on labeling equipment and buy labeling machines If necessary, welcome to contact us with Bogao logo.
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