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Heavy weight businesses can feel the intense daily

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-17


Every company would have a reasonable and achievable goal to make its operations and processes simple, smooth and cost effective. Such is the stretch wrapping machines that are used in load containment industries.

The right stretch wrap machinery can benefit the company in lowering costs and raising profits through a higher productivity. There would be a lower material handling cost with a higher efficiency.

Businesses which are conscientious in their operations would also desire to achieve smaller environmental impacts while achieving their business objectives.

Choices of machines

Any industry that uses warehouse operation must consider the best stretch wrap machine with its requirements well thought out and objectives identified for optimal productivity. One needs to consider the type of load, the number of pallets to be wrapped in a specific timeframe and investment factors.

Many stretch wrapping machines need accessories or accompanying elements to optimize their functionality; these include the use of pallet jacks or forklifts for bringing the desired bulky loads to the place of wrap.

The business needs to consider the fully automatic stretch wrap system or a semi-auto stretch wrap system. The former uses a powered conveyor instead of operators and forklifts to transport the large loads to be wrapped while the latter is good for small loads per hour. However, more labor resources would be required with the semi-auto wrap machines.


Stretch wrap machines are large operational entities in the particular industry; hence, it may be difficult for one to make a purchase easily; these machines can cost thousands of dollars. Hence, it is advisable to engage a professional packaging consultant who can help identify the actual needs of the industry with this type of machine to advice on the better stretch wrap choices.

These would be the experienced industrial professionals who have had many years in the packaging industries to understand the operational requirements; they would also have the skills in handling various types of stretch wrapping machinery to understand the different features.

They are familiar with the productivity of the fully automatic or semi-automatic wrap machine that would benefit the respective industries. Light industries with packaging operations would have different stretch wrap needs compared to the heavy packaging industries.

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