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Hardware customers introduce the use of automatic labeling machine experience-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-22
According to hardware customers, the use and maintenance of the automatic labeling machine in accordance with the instruction manual can improve the efficiency of the labeling machinery and extend the operating life. The following is a summary of the problems with the automatic labeling machine. Speed u200bu200band efficiency are reduced. If a machine must be guarded by a technician or a technician and an operator, then it is obvious that there is a problem with the machine. Another one is that the uptime efficiency of the labeling machine has dropped to 97%. This data may sound very high, but it is actually not-it must be considered that each machine on the production line must reach an average monthly operating time efficiency of more than 97% in order to make the overall equipment efficiency of the entire line more than 85%. In this case, collect data and organize it into files. When something goes wrong with the new machine you buy, this is often a way to recover your investment. The labeling quality is reduced. When you find that the machine no longer provides high-quality labeling consistently, it may be the 'time'. Longer running-in time for replacement parts usually means that the machine needs to spend more time running-in new parts, and the production line will stop, at the same time, the cost will increase. Increased maintenance times. Maintenance can be done through special equipment management software like MP2. It not only makes the whole process smooth and reduces the occurrence of accidents, but also tracks the status of the machine to understand the entire situation of the maintenance. Degradation of component functions Labeling machine manufacturers or third parties no longer provide after-sales support for functional components, or the functional components themselves have failed, including old programmable logic controllers, dedicated control components, and even outdated servo devices. When its price increases and it takes longer to find key accessories, you should be aware that it may be time to replace the new machine. Changes in market demand The market may require new labeling forms, sizes, film thicknesses, and accessories such as display boards. Replacing the machine may be a better choice than having to design and modify the labeling machine yourself. The above is a summary of the experience of using the automatic labeling machine for hardware customers, and I hope to provide suggestions for the operation of the automatic labeling machine.
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