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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-11
All experience growth is a little bit accumulated, and the experience of my country's label labeling machine industry is the same. From the initial introduction and imitating of incomplete labeling machines that have been eliminated from abroad, to the stage of improving labeling speed and labeling functions of Chinese labeling machines, and then to the stage of mature labeling machine technology, this is a domestic labeling machine manufacturer in While competing with each other, it has also formed a situation of competition with foreign labeling machine manufacturers, continuously innovating and developing, and gradually completing a 'qualitative' leap. Nowadays, the gap between my country's labeling machine industry and foreign labeling machine products has narrowed significantly, and it has been able to meet the application needs of more and more fields, and it has played a very important role in the food, medicine and other industries. With the development of automation technology, the fully automatic labeling machine can achieve continuous labeling and has a high degree of automation. It is a modern mechatronics product with excellent and reliable working performance, including cleanliness, no mold, and beautiful appearance after labeling. , Firmness, will not fall off by itself, and high production efficiency. In the process of running the automatic labeling machine, users all hope that the equipment is of good quality, stable operation and long life. According to the industry, in addition to the need to choose regular high-quality equipment, if the user correctly handles the usual faults and regularly maintains it, the service life of the automatic labeling machine will naturally be extended for a long time. The automatic labeling machine makes it easy to label goods. Manual labeling is difficult to guarantee the quality and effect of labeling. In the modern commodity society, people pay much attention to the appearance and packaging of products! If the label is of poor quality and unsightly, it will be difficult to attract consumers' desire to buy! The products posted by the labeling machine have a more accurate position, a very flat surface, no wrinkles, and the products are more beautiful and generous. The automatic labeling machine is extremely efficient and meets the needs of modern enterprises. With the advancement of technology, the labeling machine has stronger vitality, higher competitiveness, and superior product labeling efficiency. It can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of labeling times per hour, which is a speed that a single manpower cannot imagine.
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