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Fully automatic labeling machine is the best choice for companies to save costs

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-14
A fully automated era is here. Modern automatic labeling machines are not only powerful, but also can help customers save production costs. When labeling, the labeling machine can be used to complete the work quickly and efficiently. Unlike before, manual labeling takes up a lot of manpower and the production cost of enterprises is high. Here is a brief introduction to the features of the automatic labeling machine. 1. High performance and cost performance. Someone once calculated an account. For example, manual labeling of 5,000 stickers a day and 18,000 devices a day has increased the efficiency by more than three times. Buying a device saves 2 people and pays back in three months. 2. Small size, easy to move. The volume and floor space of the automatic labeling machine are very small, which can save workshop infrastructure costs for production-oriented enterprises, and can also be matched with the production line to form a complete production line. 3. High production efficiency. Compared with manual labeling, the automatic labeling machine can perform uninterrupted work with less human resources and workshop area, and has higher production efficiency and return efficiency, and saves material costs. In addition, the labeling accuracy of the fully automatic labeling machine is also very high, which basically saves the cost of materials. 4. Long service life. The automatic labeling machine is generally composed of aluminum parts, safety, transmission parts are wrapped, the circuit and the gas circuit are arranged separately to avoid abnormalities, the use is safer, and the stability is high. The system and equipment are stable and support long hours of work. 5. Wide application range. Widely used in toys, plastics, electronics, mobile phones, hardware, food, daily chemicals, medicine and other industries. It is attached to the flat surface, small arc surface, small circumferential surface, small concave surface, etc. of the product. The appearance of labeling machines is of great significance in modern machinery production. With machinery for product labeling, it is like seeing the footsteps of hope. The labeling machine market continues to grow, and various new labeling equipment continue to appear in front of people. Labeling machines have become the best choice for product labeling. In particular, the fully automatic labeling machine brings the high efficiency required by the industry to the labeling work, making labeling convenient and efficient.
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