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Fruit and vegetable labeling machinery has great development potential-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-12
Due to the lack of advanced food processing and labeling machinery in my country’s food industry, the packaging and processing of fruit and vegetable products cannot be carried out in time, causing about 25% of fruits, 30% of vegetables and 20% of aquatic products to rot and deteriorate each year. Cause great economic losses. Experts on labeling machines believe that the development of advanced and applicable fruit and vegetable juice extraction, processing and labeling machinery is promising. Such machinery can not only preserve the original flavor of fresh fruits and cater to consumers' pursuit of returning to nature, but also greatly increase the added value of fruits and vegetables, enabling farmers to obtain more direct benefits. The food machinery market is essentially the expansion and extension of the agricultural and sideline product processing machinery market. From the current point of view, the processing of food by most food machinery in my country is still at the level of the traditional initial processing of food. With the rapid development of economic construction, people's living standards continue to improve, and the types of food are increasingly abundant. The understanding of food has gone from a purely physiological need to the pursuit of rich taste and vision. The Ru0026D and innovation capabilities of my country's fruit and vegetable processing enterprises are very weak, and the core competitiveness is essentially just the so-called low price advantage. In foreign countries, most companies have their Ru0026D departments or Ru0026D centers to develop new products. The Ru0026D expenses of general companies account for more than 2%-3% of sales revenue. However, most domestic processing companies do not pay attention to product Ru0026D and technology investment, and do not pay attention to the training and introduction of corporate talents, resulting in a lack of corporate Ru0026D talents and Ru0026D facilities, resulting in poor Ru0026D and innovation capabilities, backward technology, and difficult products to meet. Market demand. With the increasing demand for fruit and vegetable juice beverages in the domestic and foreign markets, the production of fruit and vegetable juice ushered in development opportunities. Whoever can seize the opportunity is the winner. The concentrated apple juice processing industry is a subdivision of processing scale and technological maturity in the field of juice processing in my country. As industry competition continues to intensify, comprehensive cost control has become a common and long-term concern for enterprises, and it has also become a new competitive point in the industry. At present, concentrated apple juice factories mainly use high-temperature evaporation to realize the concentration process in juice processing, which makes it consume a lot of heat energy. If the cost control goal can be put forward from this link, it will achieve considerable economic value. Although my country's fruit and vegetable beverage processing industry has a large number of employees and the total number of enterprises, the industry's scientific research strength is weak, and the industry's research institutes, colleges and universities have relatively few corresponding majors. Some cutting-edge technologies in the industry, such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum, etc., cannot be completed by a single institution alone, and enterprises urgently need to invest funds. In the future, the fruit and vegetable beverage processing machinery market will transform to a high-end market. In order to stand out in the next international competition, it is necessary to improve product quality standards, be market-oriented, increase product structure adjustment efforts, innovate science and technology, and increase The research and development of new materials and new processes will establish a market for professional and characteristic brands with strong influence. The future market of food processing and labeling machinery such as fruit, vegetable and beverage has the potential for permanent development.
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