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Four major issues that need to be improved for online printing labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-17
Compared with developed countries, online printing labeling machines have four recurring problems in China's labeling machine industry: First, the number of supporting machines is small, and the lack of high-precision, large-scale products cannot meet market demand. Second, the difference in product quality is manifested in low product performance, poor stability and reliability, and unsightly appearance, which affects the overall product quality. Third, the domestic labeling machinery industry lacks leading companies, and there are not many companies with large-scale production and high-grade products. Fourth, it is still basically at the stage of experimentation and imitation, with weak independent development capabilities and lack of scientific research and production pilot bases. At present, the development of advanced packaging machinery in the world presents a trend of integration of mechanics, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism and biology. The trend of high production efficiency, product energy saving and recycling, high-tech practicality and intelligence has become a trend, and it should become the mainstream development direction of China's packaging machinery industry. China's labeling machinery industry has a broad learning space. At the important moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustments, technological upgrades and product upgrades, domestic enterprises need to adopt a pragmatic attitude, through independent innovation and in-depth digestion, to develop enterprises, enhance their competitiveness, and become a giant in the packaging machinery industry. After the financial crisis, in the context of the macroeconomic recession, some overseas self-adhesive labeling machine companies chose cheaper Chinese equipment for price reasons to replace expensive overseas machinery and equipment. However, after the economy gradually improves, the products of Chinese companies that have won the price war are bound to fall in the technological war. Therefore, Chinese self-adhesive labeling machine companies should gradually shift from the low-end market to the mid-to-high-end market, and strive for greater market share through Ru0026D and innovation. In the next few years, the packaging machinery industry will still be in a state of rapid growth, and the same market demand will also affect the low-voltage inverter market. At present, the low-voltage frequency converter technology of my country's packaging industry is relatively low, and the products can only produce some low-end products. Strengthening technological development is an inevitable way to gain a firm foothold in the market. Science and technology are advancing, and plans are being perfected. The future development direction of low-voltage inverter products for packaging machinery is still high-end products with high performance, networking and intelligence. Our company believes in this. my country can be said to be a big packaging country with huge market demand and abundant resources. We can see that our company is doing its best to enter this field, which is also the performance of our company's best efforts to seize the market. Labeling machine manufacturer Bogao said that China's labeling machine industry should change its low-tech status as soon as possible, learn advanced foreign technology, and develop large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products that are high-efficiency, low-consumption, and suitable for production and sales. Develop suitable labeling equipment according to national conditions, speed up the upgrading of self-adhesive labeling machines, and further develop domestic and foreign markets. China's packaging machinery industry should follow the guidance of national policies, insist on bold innovation, grasp the initiative of innovation, grasp market and technological opportunities, continuously improve the level of innovation, and truly become the mainstay of technological innovation.
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