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Food label labeling machine manufacturer design concept-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-01
The law of form beauty of the label shape elements of the packaging labeling machine is mainly considered from the following eight aspects: the law of symmetry and balance is relatively stable and the law of lightness is compared, the law of harmony is compared with the law of repetition and the law of echo, the law of rhythm and the law of rhythm are compared, the law of relevance is proportional Harmony with the law of scale and law of change Composition element composition is a complete picture that arranges trademarks, graphics, words and combinations on the display surface of the product packaging. The combination of these four aspects constitutes the overall effect of packaging label labeling and decoration. Correct, appropriate, and beautiful use of trademarks, graphics, text, and colors can be called excellent and beautiful labeling. Product packaging label labeling is the direct and main transmission of product personality, and is the most sensitive and most sensitive product packaging label design personality. The influencing factors are large. Good product packaging labeling machine manufacturers are one of the important means for companies to create profits. Determine the strategy. Accurate product packaging label labeling design conforms to consumer psychology and can help companies stand out from many competing brands. Mainly include: food outer packaging label and labeling design, cosmetic outer packaging label and labeling design, alcohol outer packaging label and labeling design, cigarette outer packaging label and labeling design, outer packaging label and labeling design, health care product outer packaging label and labeling design , Daily necessities outer packaging label and labeling design, jewelry outer packaging label and labeling design, bedding outer packaging label and labeling design, FAST. Fast moving consumer goods outer packaging label labeling design and brand image packaging label labeling design services. Brand label labeling design should have a high artistic quality to reflect that the screen is large enough. The following Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer provides you with a detailed explanation. The picture should be big enough. The so-called poster is presented in a crowded place. It is necessary to overcome the influence of other surrounding factors and avoid interfering factors to attract the attention of a broad audience. Therefore, in the design of the poster logo, the use of the poster itself should be fully considered, and the display effect of the picture should be fully considered. The basic requirement is: a large screen. In addition, this is not enough. We must also use colors and patterns well on the screen, not only considering the connotation of the screen, but also the beauty of the screen, and using a label labeling machine to integrate these factors into large enough Only in the picture can attract the attention of consumers.
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