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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-02
The general rules for pre-packaged food labels expressly stipulate that food labels must not be separated from food packaging, food labels should be clear, eye-catching, and durable, and should be easy for consumers to identify and read when buying. Food label information needs to include the name of the food, ingredients, production date, shelf life, production standard number, etc. This is not only the 'instruction' of the food, but also an 'identity card' for the food, and it is also important for consumers to protect their rights. evidence. In order to ensure that food labels comply with relevant regulations, the food industry can use label labeling machines when packaging food. With the development of labeling technology, industrial labeling machines and commercial labeling machines are constantly updated to follow the needs of users. From the original manual to automatic to fully automatic. The labeling equipment developed and produced by various labeling machine manufacturers are rich in models and types. Enterprises can choose according to label needs or according to label material. Common types of labeling machines can be divided into hot melt adhesive labeling machines and paste labeling machines. Machine, self-adhesive labeling machine, etc. Hot melt adhesive labeling machine is mostly used for plastic label pasting of bottled products such as beverages. It usually only pastes the labels where they overlap. The labeling speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The paste labeling machine is mostly used for the pasting of paper labels. It uses a paste brushing device for pasting work, which is more used in the beer industry. The self-adhesive labeling machine adopts self-adhesive labeling, which has a wide range of applications, fast labeling speed and high quality. It has become the recognition and favor of various industries and is ranked in the packaging industry. According to the structure of the labeling machine, it can be divided into flat labeling machine, side labeling machine, top and bottom labeling machine, rotary labeling machine and so on. The flat labeling machine is a model that is widely used in the market. It is operated in a straight line with the conveyor belt, and the operation is simple and convenient. The automatic rotary labeling machine adopts rotary operation, which has fast labeling speed and high efficiency. It is generally used for labeling bottled products. At present, the rotary labeling machine station can be customized according to customer needs. It is also connected to the automated production line, with optional product testing equipment to eliminate product irregularities, and the barcode traceability system performs anti-counterfeiting identification of product QR codes, food supervision code traceability, and anti-crossing information. Before these fully automatic labeling machine series appeared, the labeling of products was usually done manually by operators. However, the manual labeling speed is slow, and it is also prone to miss and wrong labeling. Now the market is paying more and more attention to food labels, which is very unfavorable for food manufacturers. But the emergence of the right automatic labeling machine can solve the above problems well. The automatic labeling machine adopts intelligent control, fast labeling speed, and high stability of labeling process. The automatic labeling machine can improve the adhesion of the label on the product and avoid problems such as label lift or label peeling off. The labeling position of the automatic labeling machine is accurate, and the glue is evenly applied, which can reduce the occurrence of label wrinkles, improve the quality of labeling, and at the same time improve the aesthetics of the product and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the product. With the continuous development of the food packaging industry, the labeling machine is now more than just a description of food information. Barcode labels can also track and manage food sales. When there is a problem with the food, the label can help the company to recall and deal with the problem food in time. This should be the barcode traceability system mentioned above. This also means that food labels need to be of higher quality. Labeling equipment is becoming an indispensable part of the food packaging industry with its advantages of high, rate and high quality.
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