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Food automatic labeling machine manufacturers have to improve the three major bottlenecks in order to have a certain development-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-03
Despite the broad prospects of China's labeling machinery industry, problems such as stand-alone automation technology, poor reliability and credibility, unsightly design, and short cycle times have also caused China's automatic labeling machines to be criticized. Testing service technology Security is the key word in all manufacturing industries, especially in the packaging manufacturing industry. The reflection of the safety of the pharmaceutical industry on the labeling machinery is not only limited to the concise and clear main parameters of physics, but also concerned with factors such as the color of the drug and the raw materials. The scope of application of food labeling machines is expanding, and new regulations are constantly being put forward for machinery and equipment factories and their automation equipment distributors. Fitness motion control system The development trend of fitness motion control system in China is very rapid, but the driving force of the development trend in the labeling machinery manufacturing industry seems to be rising and sleepy. Servo control system merchandise and technical functions in labeling machinery are mainly used for position control and strict speed synchronization regulations. The key is for handling, transportation, laser marking, stacking, unstacking and other processes. The fitness exercise control system is one of the primary conditions for different high-end, middle-end and low-end labeling machinery, and it is also the technical support point for the upgrading of my country's labeling machinery. Flexible production In order to integrate into the fierce market competition in the sales market, the cycle time for product upgrades is becoming shorter and shorter. According to statistics, the production of cosmetics can generally be changed every three years or even every quarter. In addition, the total output is relatively high. Therefore, the softness and coordination ability of the labeling machinery clearly put forward very high regulations: that is, the service life of the labeling machinery should far exceed the service life cycle time of the commodity. Because, only then can it meet the requirements of the rationality of commodity production. Manufacturers of automatic food labeling machines must work hard on the three levels of testing service technology, fitness exercise control systems, and flexible production to gain a place in the ever-increasing sales market.
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