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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-11
2020 is an extraordinary year. With the application of 5G technology, the Internet of Things has begun to accelerate. The opening of WeChat's 'one thing, one code' capability not only standardizes the industry's gameplay, but also accelerates the digitalization process of enterprises. So, what exactly does the 'one object one code printing labeling machine' bring to the enterprise? Here are five reasons to choose the 'one object one code printing labeling machine'. 1. Brand protection: Everyone hates fakes. When holding fakes bought with hard-earned money, no one is sad. In recent years, anti-counterfeiting activities have been carried out across the country, and the prerequisite for this activity is to print labeling machines for one item and one code. The cargo code can effectively record the detailed information of the cargo, thereby effectively avoiding the phenomenon of shoddy goods and laying a solid line of defense for brand protection. 2. Product traceability: The use of 'One Object One Code Printing Labeling Machine' can facilitate enterprises to effectively check the information of the goods. As long as the code has been started when the goods are produced, they can freely query the detailed information of the goods when they are produced. , Including which working groups do the production, can quickly find problems in production when product quality problems occur, and correct them to ensure the production efficiency of high-quality products in the factory. 3. Control purchase information: Companies that use the 'one-code printing labeling machine' can accurately analyze consumer groups and make crowd portraits through the combination of recorded product information and customer information, so as to provide e-commerce and other companies with Precise crowd targeting during digital marketing provides convenience for subsequent digital marketing. 4. Precision marketing: In the field of marketing, on the one hand, AIOT's rapid development; on the other hand, the eyeball economy, idols dominate, and attention is getting narrower and narrower. With the help of the Internet of Things technology of 'One Thing, One Code Printing and Labeling Machine5. Anti-fleeing supply chain management: In addition to counterfeit goods, we are also worried about the problem of fleeing goods in market sales. In the event of a situation of diverting goods, the interests of the dealers and the image of the enterprise are endangered. The 'one-size one-code printing and labeling machine' can strictly manage the goods and effectively prevent such things from happening. If an incident of fleeing goods occurs accidentally, the cause can be found as soon as possible to make up for it. To sum up, the 'one object one code printing labeling machine' can provide such great convenience in production and life, and it also needs effective methods to encode and post and print. The printing labeling machine came into being. The printing labeling machine can automatically print and post the label code of the goods according to the goods information preset by the customer, which is convenient for enterprise management. Committed to the development of more suitable printing and labeling machines for customers to meet the special needs of customers.
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