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Fellowes shredders are renowned for their powerful

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-25

Fellowes paper shredders come in different levels of security, from home and personal use to office and governmental paper shredding. Fellowes shredders prevent identity theft and enhance your privacy by completing all personal documents that aren't needed by you but which can be used by anyone else to impersonate you and even make unauthorized purchases using your credit card.

Fellowes shredders are very user friendly. The shredding mechanism is automatic and uses color coding schemes and backlit symbols to let the user know when the shredder is on a shredding job and when it is idle. Sensors placed at the shredding entrance provide a failsafe mechanism to alert the user when his/her hands are too close the cutting blades. The sensors are made of infrared detectors that detect body heat. If the hands are too close to the opening the infrared sensors immediately detect it and shutdown the shredder and at the same time alert the same time alert the user through indicators that the his/her hands are too close to the entry feed.

Another enhancement brought in traditional shredding is that Fellowes has introduced a jam proofing system. Now you don't have to deal with frustrating jams that at that times damage the shredder as well. What Fellowes paper shredder do is that they power through misfed paper with their powerful 1.9 HP motor in the paper shredders. The same system also detects overloads and alerts the user again through indicators on the dashboard that there are too many papers being fed through forcing the user to reduce the amount of paper being fed into the shredding machine. This jam proofing technique prevents paper jams and overloads and saves precious time of the user and increases the lifetime of the shredder itself.

For any given motor, its rotating mechanism needs to be well oiled so that it can function at its optimum level. Shredder motors too need ample amount of oil to function optimally to reduce the chances of a heat up in the shredding motor itself. That's why; Fellowes has also incorporated an oil detection system that automatically oils the motors and the cutting blades of the paper shredders. The built in oil reservoir does the oiling and when the oil reservoir is empty it will flash the low oil indicator which will alert the user to get a refill prevent wear and tear to both the cutting blades and the shredding motor.

Fellowes paper shredders function very efficiently. Since all their functions are automatic, it helps the user in effectively maintaining the Fellowes shredder to provide the maximum benefits of effective paper shredding.

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