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Features of linear sticker labeling machine and rotary sticker labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-16
In order to meet the needs of wine manufacturers with different production and different labeling requirements, a new type of self-adhesive labeling machine was born according to the characteristics of the wine industry. The following two types of models are linear self-adhesive labeling machine and rotary self-adhesive labeling machine. Linear self-adhesive labeling machines generally have a labeling speed of 1500-2000 bottles/hour, which can meet the needs of some wine users with a small output. When changing the bottle type during the production process, this type of machine does not require replacement parts. As long as the standard paper is replaced, the label parameters can be adjusted and modified to be put into production and the operation is simple. The rotary self-adhesive labeling machine is suitable for a variety of bottle types, and the labeling speed of different types can reach 3000-15000 bottles/hour. Various shapes of bottles (round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, conical bottle, etc.) can be installed by changing the guide bottle tool. The two types of self-adhesive labeling machines mainly have the following technical features: The self-adhesive label station part is the core part of the self-adhesive labeling machine. Part of our company's standard station is designed with unique technology. The paper pulling drive is more accurate and stable, the paper tray drive is stable, and the paper output unit structure is novel and practical. The drive of the standard station adopts stepping drive, and the standard is stable and accurate. The control part uses the combination of Panasonic PLC and touch screen parameter modification to control the stepper drive. Without mechanical adjustment, all label correction parameters can be modified on the touch screen. Easy to use. The method of wine labeling is to use the body back label, and often adjust the production speed. In the gauge adjustment control, the time control of the general manufacturer is not used, but the encoder count control is used. When the operating speed of the equipment changes, the length of the dashboard will not change with time control. The labeling accuracy is very high, and the gauge length can be adjusted within 0.5mm. The labeling accuracy and symmetry are the best in the industry. Rotary self-adhesive labeling machine can also realize positioning labeling by adding some accessories. The labeling products on the bottle can also realize automatic labeling and positioning with high accuracy. The introduction of self-adhesive label paper in the wine industry and the advent of self-adhesive labeling machines have solved the label and curling problems of traditional self-adhesive label paper. While most Chinese wine users continue to improve the inherent quality of their wine products, the aesthetics of wine packaging has also been improved. With the improvement of people's living standards and appreciation of wine, self-adhesive labels will be promoted and popularized, and will add a beautiful landscape to the future wine industry.
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