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Does the automatic labeling machine have requirements for label paper? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-07
Does the automatic labeling machine have requirements for label paper? The answer is yes. First of all, the labels to be labeled by the labeling machine must be in the form of roll labels, that is, a series of labels. The label and the label need to have a distance of 2-3mm, and the label should be tightly wound on 76mm diameter paper. On the tube. Now the express face sheet labeling machine of Bogao logo automatic labeling machine can realize the label labeling without paper tube, and the labels can be folded and placed in the label bin in an orderly manner. Other labels can also achieve a function, which can be used as Some labeling applications without paper tube labels. The material of the label of the automatic labeling machine can have no special regulations, and it can be paper, acrylic, or plastic stool. It needs to have a certain thickness and hardness, otherwise it is prone to unsatisfactory state of over-labeling. Special attention is that the bottom paper of the label needs to use glassine bottom paper, this bottom paper has this very good toughness, can not be broken by tension under the operation of the labeling machine. Qualified backing paper requires fine die-cutting process support. When cutting labels, the backing paper should not be cut. The cut backing paper is prone to tearing, leading to re-winding of the label, which wastes a lot of time and also A lot of labels will be wasted. In addition to glassine paper, some labels use transparent plastic film backing paper, as long as the flexible hook and the right texture are also ok. There is another point worth noting, the printing direction of the label, which involves the forward and reverse of the label on the product before labeling. When making labels, you can communicate with labeling machine manufacturers and label manufacturers. In general, the round bottle labeling machine and the side labeling machine need to be divided into directions, from left to right in the conveyor production line environment, the round bottle labeling machine defaults to the left label. Don’t worry if the communication is not in place during the labeling process and the label is reversed. Don’t worry, just rewind the label paper. If there is a label rewinder, it can be done quickly. Less labor.
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