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Do you know the label requirements of the automatic printing and labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-14
In the process of processing and production, many manufacturers need to have relevant labels on their products because of their own product needs. There is no doubt about this. After all, when every consumer gathers to buy a product, if they see that there is no label introduction on it, they may not have a special understanding of the product. Does the automatic printing and labeling machine have requirements for the product? This is one thing most people want to know. In the process of comprehensive processing and production, the automatic printing and labeling machine must require the label to be made into the shape of a roll, and there must be a gap between each label, because the equipment itself is automatically processed. Therefore, the interval between each label should preferably be between two millimeters and three millimeters. If we want to use a fully automatic printing and labeling machine, you will find that in the actual use of this product, basically the text direction of the finished label should be determined according to the labeling direction of all labeling machines, that is to say In this regard, everyone must pay special attention, especially when placing these labels, they must be placed in the correct direction, otherwise the entire label text may be reversed. In the process of full-automatic printing and labeling machine processing the entire label, the outer diameter of the straight roll is usually controlled at 300 mm to 400 mm, and the inner diameter of the straight roll is basically about 76.2 mm. In addition, the paper tube is When choosing, most of the blanks basically require more tension, and this material is still more concerned. If you are not particularly familiar with the label requirements of the fully automatic printing and labeling machine, it is recommended that each enterprise consult the manufacturer of the equipment while processing it, so that the manufacturer’s professionals can tell How do we operate these labels, at least the products we produce will not be wasted in vain, but also can effectively avoid any errors, so this is a very safe method, you can try it.
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