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Discuss the selection points of self-adhesive labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-21
Self-adhesive labeling machine is a more common type of labeling machine in recent years. For manufacturers, whether it is from the production of labeling equipment, or from the precise bonding between the self-adhesive label and the bottle to be applied, it is Will face higher requirements. Now, facing the domestic market of self-adhesive labeling machines, which has different good and bad, how can manufacturers choose self-adhesive labeling machines with higher cost performance will be a question of concern. So next, our labeling machine manufacturer discussed the main functions and control, label delivery speed, printing speed and output, special purpose, and labeling quality four aspects to discuss the selection points of the adhesive labeling machine. 1. From the perspective of main functions and control, choose the synchronization of the control speed. In addition to the above-mentioned 'automatic label length calculation' function, the self-adhesive labeling machine should also automatically complete the conveyor belt speed, label output speed, and output speed. Synchronous adjustment of the label length, which is also the difference from the traditional self-adhesive labeling machine, is the guarantee of the stability of labeling quality. The control speed of the traditional self-adhesive labeling machine is adjusted by human experience, and the difficulty of artificial adjustment is that all actions are difficult to synchronize. If it is not synchronized, the labeling process will change frequently, resulting in poor labeling quality. In the control system, the control system of (PLC+human-machine interface) is the main choice. Compared with the early single-chip computers (single-board computers), the use of general-purpose PLC as the main control device can enable the PLC control system to achieve the following goals: ( 1) More stable and reliable; (2) Future maintenance is more convenient, and the upgrade is simpler; (3) It is convenient for online control with upper and lower stations. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the addition of a visual system, which can perform real-time detection, control and alarm on the integrity of the printing, the status of the typeface, and whether the label after labeling is present or not, and whether it is complete. 2. Discuss the choice from the label delivery speed, printing speed and output. When choosing a self-adhesive labeling machine, people often only pay attention to the labeling output (that is, how many pieces can be posted per minute), and fail to comprehensively follow the label delivery speed. , Printing speed, rolling speed, etc. to be considered simultaneously. Of course, the labeling output covers other indicators, but other speed indicators play a key role in the quality of use and production development. From the analysis, people can observe the pros and cons of each organization and the potential initiative. This is also the choice of self-adhesive The labeling machine should be inspected comprehensively. (1) The label delivery speed of the self-adhesive labeling machine. Nowadays, people often fail to comprehensively confirm the label width and printing speed when matching the output of the self-adhesive labeling machine. They only rely on the higher output in the manufacturer's sample. The choice of indicators is also unreasonable, because the higher output indicators given by the general manufacturer's samples are based on a certain label length and a certain printing method. (2) The printing speed of the self-adhesive labeling machine is particularly important for the labeling machine used in the industry to be able to print the batch number on the label. Therefore, when selecting the speed of delivery and rolling of the self-adhesive labeling machine, the printing speed of the equipped printer must be considered, and the smaller one can be counted as the actual labeling production capacity value. 3. From the perspective of special purpose, when choosing bottle labeling, you often encounter special purpose problems. For production, you may encounter: (1) double-sided stickers; (2) similar to plastic bottle surface due to mold release agent This will cause the label adhesion to drop or produce 'bubbles' on the labeling surface. So we have to pay attention. 4. In terms of the quality of labeling, the generally recognized labeling quality requirements are: (1) Labeling error ≤±1mm, even if the overlap position of the labeling is repeated multiple times, it can reach this value; (2) After labeling and labeling The surface of the bottle should be fit, flat, without wrinkles, and without 'bubbles'; (3) The printed batch number is clearly legible, without overlapping and blurring, and the batch number position error is less than ±1mm. 5. Label selection and printing settings The labels used in the self-adhesive labeling machine are all in rolls, and the quality of the labels will directly affect the quality of the labeling. The die-cutting, slitting, static and dust handling in the label printing process are also relatively large. important.
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